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Something to seal a joint with

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by HiGhAsApLaNe, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Hey GC im new here (first post) even though ive been going through the forums for a while now, but anyway i just ran through my last rolling paper yesterday and im gonna roll one in a gum wrapper with the outside taken off, and was wondering what i can use to seal the end, any suggestions?
  2. Dude please don't, just save the dollar and buy some papers. Or use a piece, even a homemade one. It's your body, you're really gonna inhale a fucking gum wrapper that's not even real paper, it's treated and there is color on it, have fun inhaling all those chemicals...

    Why doesn't anyone care about their body anymore ?
  3. yeah bro, buy some papes.

    but to answer the question : honey

    ps. i'm sorry for your body already
  4. you can always use jizz.
  5. really?

    anyway, get some papers. dont kill yourself.
  6. zomg...
  7. i wouldnt do the gum paper thing...who knows what those damn evil gum companys put in there.. just make a homemade pipe/bong for the time being seriously..

  8. Ah, the CitySmoker420 (golden) age of GC :p
  9. go buy an apple. all natural baby.
  10. just ram the weed up your ass. you'll be high in no time.
  11. I think the wrapper for a few gum companies use the same type of paper as joint companies but smaller. Use the wrap for toilet paper(ive used it,got high and im not dead yet). Use the white part not the colored part. if you roll it tight and pretty much good it will stick FOR AWHILE with saliva. If you use honey(ive never really done it) let it dry for like a few hours.

    Chill out he said he ran out. hes going to get some when he was money. I'm high as shit off a joint.
  12. I woulda felt so bad if the second post said Go for it.

    Clueless, that was classic.

    Anyway, If your out of papers, Go to your bathroom, Grab a new roll of toilet paper with the wrapping papper on it, Take the wrapping paper to the roll of TP and rip off a J sized peice. In my opinion it works better than actual rolling papers. Remember this, its an old school trick.
  13. dude, just go to the gas station and shell out like $2.50 for some papers and then u can roll like 25 joints (or however many papers are in those things)
  14. Gat a bible, pop can, apple or similar fruit or veggie, get a cheap blunt, stuff a cig, set a small chunk on a car cig lighter, call a friend with the proper tools, go to the harware store and get random metal fittings and make a pipe and get screen from kitchen sink, use the pcv valve from your car (just clean it before and after). I could keep going but, Just get creative, smoking tools are everywhere.

    there are about a million different ways to smoke. If you are a smoker there is no excuse to not have at least the minimal tools to get the job done.

    If all else fails just eat it!
  15. eating it doesn't do anything

    shove it up your nose
  16. Be safe with whatever you decide, buddy. Don't wanna see anyone get hurt by inhaling chemicals.
  17. Guess you never had brownies or cookies or anything with cannabutter..............

    Give it a shot, It definitely does something............You'll see

    You are in the wrong forums to talk about drugs going up the nose...............Green only, no white................
  18. if you got a bible around roll one with the paper for notes
    really you should probably just use an apple there are good videos on youtube to show you how

    in my novice days i never really like using just the apple when in a pinch so i would dig a deep chamber and use tinfoil for a bowl(taped down for better hits) don't make a habit of this as smoking tinfoil is terrible for your lungs and debatley terrible for you brain but you'll prolly get a better bake using a tinfoil apple than just an apple or a makeshift joint

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