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    This has turned out to be quite a difficult question, there are so many things that must be considered. I personally don't think I could handle the lack of a vagina, so I'd probably have to go with B. If she was cool, I'd be fine with A, but if she was a bitch I don't think I could ever forgive myself. Can mermaids even talk?

    Plus, a giant paper bag would do the trick, and B would be none the wiser.

    What do you all think?
  2. Hmmm very hard to choice. I'd have to go with A. because that fish thing is nasty and you could always have oral and you wouldnt have to reciprocate at all as she doesnt have a vagina. And pun absolutely intended i bet that vagina smells like stinky fish:D
  3. A for sure man.
    Mermaids are sexy as hell. She has boobies, plus oral sex.

    And that fish head is creepy as fuck.
  4. A. She has a human brain so I could actually chill with her. And she's banging. I'd take some mermaid head over some fish vagina.
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    id choose A and get dome all day.
    not that theres a big difference between a very ugly chick and a fish, but that shits just wierd.

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    but wait just a tic. if A has a human brain, you think she's gonna be down to suck your dick all day with nothing in return? with B, fish is fish, pussy is pussy, it won't have a god damn choice. with A, who knows what she'll be like?

    does nobody else love vagina?
  7. A without hesitation
  8. but imagine chilling with a big fishhead all day.............

    now imagine chilling with the mermaid.....

    the decision is easy IMO
  9. Half the time im not in the mood to hear the girl talk anyways, depending of course the girl but I might go with the OP and choose option B. Not to mention, if you get tired of option B you can make some kick ass sushi.
  10. Oh gawd. A for sure.
  11. Are you serious?

    Who the fuck would want to have sex with a giant, nasty fish head?

  12. Hmmm since she is half human would that qualify as cannabalism?
  13. woah now we're not talking about chilling all day. this is being stranded on an uninhabited island with no way of escape. potentially for the rest of your life.

    not quite as easy anymore IMO
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    This is an insanely easy decision for me.

    I'd want company on the island so I wouldn't go insane, being by myself all the time.

    You cant talk or chill with a giant fish head. I would need another human there with me, or I'd go insane. And a hot mermaid would be great..

    I don't think sex is that important when it comes with the price of loneliness (which would most likely lead to insanity after an extended amount of tim), especially if the sex is with a fuckin nasty-ass fish head.
  15. id take B so i could fry the one half and fuck the other.
    but thats just me.
  16. I'd take B because it has gills and I could therefore easily mount it and ride that shit back to civilization without it having to stop to breath all the damn time.
  17. yeah gills are mad good.
    id noodle that bitch
  18. The mermaid could probably sing some sweet song to beckon some sea turtle friend though who could return me to safety.
  19. Well that's all well and good if you're in with the sea turtles. I, however, got on their bad side awhile back for reasons I'm not fully ready to talk about yet. :eek:
  20. definitely choice (a.), bjs, handjobs, and titty fuckin'. think about it, who wants to wipe choice (b.)'s ass. she can't. she couldn't take care of that puss with no hands. that shit would fuckin reek. BLAH!!!

    actually i think ive already banged the chick on the right:eek:

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