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something to occupy the rest of my summer..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bubbles65, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. what are you opinions on something that could keep my mind busy for the rest of my summer. maybe learning something new? And yeah I have to be able to do it high
  2. Blow some bubbles
  3. Disc golf
  4. Music, art, anything. You can do anything whether you're sober or high. If you can't, you're only giving cannabis a bad time. If you're looking for ideas of interest, think within yourself and find out what YOU'RE interested in. Do you like art? Do you like music? Sports? It's all on you, my friend. Good luck!
  5. You could try smoking weed
  6. Read a book. If you can't do that while stoned, you suck at life.

  7. Reading high can be pretty awesome but it sucks if you're burnt out lol
  8. Skip to 1:42. And Learn this:
    [ame=]Fernando Yuppie Eats Wheels - ABEC 11 Skateboarding - YouTube[/ame]
  9. Books I've started/finished with my boredom this summer that I'd recommend:
    What Everybody Is Saying
    The Art Of Human Hacking
    The Sociopath Next Door
  10. listen to a new genre of music or start watching anime (you will be hooked)
  11. Everyone here needs to go download Death Note from thepiratebay. That's another thing I did, I watched all 37 episodes of that. It is the only cartoon that has been able to keep my attention since CatDog when I was a kid. So amazing.
  12. Learn to play an instrument.

    Learn another language.

    Read some books.

    Draw pictures.

    Take up sport or exercise.

    Write something.

    There's just so much.

  13. I find it hard to do physical activities when smoking heavy indicas. :/
  14. Go fishing, or watch breaking bad
  15. [quote name='"kable457"']

    I find it hard to do physical activities when smoking heavy indicas. :/[/quote]

    Practice makes perfect. Were you always good the first time you tried something new? Let alone whilst being slightly incapacitated?
  16. If you have to ask, it's not a good thing... lol, but I would say fishing/hiking/bike riding are fun things to do that take up time and are 1,000 times better while high.

    ..... then again EVERYTHING is 1,000 times better high.
  17. Get a part time job you can haze at. Pizza delivery
  18. Volunteer at the local animal shelter.

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