Something to null over...

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by CJR, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. If knowledge is power, what is misinformation?
  2. Temporary overdrive, if you will.
  3. Oh, the difference a consonant can make.

    I will be sure to MULL that over.
  4. A virus.
  5. Buddy, you're SO cool...I wish I was as cool as you are.
  6. I like that
  7. Misinformation is a deluded perspective. :devious:
  8. Then those who hold the knowledge have the power(the Illuminati). And those who follow misinformation are powerless and/or dependent(the Sheeple). Misinformation stems from the Illuminati to keep people in the dark, trying to make them believe in the wrong things.

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