something to calm my brain

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by drug, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. had a lonnggg shitty day
    lets just say bad acid trip
    is there anything i can do/take that will mellow me out/make me feel better/ allow me to sleep
    something laying around the house..
  2. If you have any 5HTP lying around, then yes.
    It's a dietary supplement.
  3. Smoke some herb if you got it, man.

    If not, try diphenhydramine or Nyquil. Always helps you sleep and calms you down.
  4. outa herb
    no fuckin niquil
    got some zertec alergy shit which usualy makes me tired wen i take it so ima try that
  5. ^^ ya like tylenol pm has helped me crash after a lucy trip. hey man ive had some horrible times while tripping, if ya wanna talk about it hit me up man. pm or me aim is whiteonwhite28. im down to help ya out wit it if ya need some
  6. Yeah, if it's got diphenhydramine or doxyaline succinate (sic?) it should calm you down and make you tired.
  7. thats what im drinkin right now :D some evan williams and chasin it with grain belt
  8. can't believe no one has suggested benzos yet. eat a bar and you'll be asleep before you know it
  9. thatd be a great help but some ppl dont have benzos layin around the house

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