Something to be thankful for.

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  1. The first woman I've actually loved.
    and I've been with a lot

    You know where she's at? Sleeping in my bed naked.

    Now people, do you or have you ever felt this feeling?
  2. Who hasn't by now?
  3. You'd think so huh?
  4. one time, an ex boyfriend (of 4 years) told me that when he came home late and i was asleep he kissed me goodnight still every night on the fore heard.
    if he hadn't started to abuse me, i might've thought it was sweet.
    now it just creeps me out.
    ...i should not have commented hahah
  5. Whats she doing sleeping? Bitch I need a sandwich
  6. I'm sure he meant well.
  7. I prefer being a single male... I have a lot of work to do in this next decade. Blah.
  8. all work no play, that's dull.

    It's always nice to have someone to come home to.
  9. I'm thankful for my gf. We've been through a lot in 3+ years and i still get the best blowies of my life.

    She's like a dick sucking mochine. I put a quarter in the back of her head and brace myself for the insuing suck fest.

    Great pussy and huge fucking tits. I am truely blessed.
  10. No doubt man. I am moving to a different city, I will be there for two years then moving again. There are a few women that I hold very near and dear to my heart but the upcoming journey I will be undergoing is better suited to be trodden by me myself and I.
  11. i feel that man.

    i've talked/fucked with alot of girls, and none of them ever seemt to catch me like the girl i have now. sure i make sexual/dirty jokes to women on here and also have the chance from time to time to be able to mess with some of the best pieces of ass that will probably ever come my way in life.. but i cant say that id ever trade it for that one special girl in my heart,the feelings you get,all the love,the trust,the companionship,the kindness and carefullness

    i wouldnt trade it for the world, real talk.
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    I know how you feel. I've been attracted to people but never truly in love until now. The days where I am still at my boyfriends place when he gets home from work, he tells me how good it feels for me to still be there. I feel lucky just to have him in my life. I'm young(19 going on 20) but I don't even look at other people anymore. He just makes me so happy and our relationship is super chill with no drama. Which is awesome because I'm fed up with that. We hang out, play video games, go out, and just talk.. And talk lol . Everythings so natural, I don't have to try. Things just flow and time flys by

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