something that might offend you

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by namron_420s, May 13, 2003.

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  1. haha

    all you mods looked!![no we didn,t,lol]
  2. got me too :p
  3. nothing here?! now that is really offensive you sick son-of-a-bitch!! lol, another seemingly pointless thread, that shows that the right title will pull people in, gotta love \'em, nam;)
  4. FYI I am highly offended by this cotoversial suject matter and i would appreciate it if you would not mention it again

    Thank you

  5. Damn Norm.........I thought you were going to give me something to think about or one of your famous rants but I was sorely disappointed!!!!!!! LOL. I\'ll just have to smoke another bowl and pretend like I didn\'t see this thread at all!!!!!!!! LOL
  6. That was stupid and pointless and i just reported it to the mods so they can remove this.
  7. There wasn\'t any use in reporting this to the mods.. We have already seen it and have requested that another topic of this type be posted!!!

    If anyone has a problem with this type of thread, PM me and i\'ll take care of it.....

    I\'m also moving to pandoras box!! With love of course!
  8. I just wanted to say that nothing Norm says ever offends me........mind you, sometimes he confuses the hell out of my two brain cells but I love him to death. He has given me a ton of laughs when I was thoroughly depressed.......even though I was a bit frightened that time he posted the pic of his ass. I\'m still having nightmares over that whole thing.....I may even have to see a therapist to get straightened out!!!! Oh well, I still love you Norm!!!!!!!!!

  9. Oh yeah, I believe that your sig is beyond regulation size.

  10. just had to say LOL

    this whole thread is kinda funny in an odd way, but especially that last comment, lmao

  11. what the hell are yall talking about?
  12. you cannot prove i looked at this
  13. what needs to be \"taken care of\" here?

  14. LMAO!!!

    maybe BH can recommend his therapist from when he went and checked out my ass? LOLOL!

  16. Hmmmmm............and I missed the chance to check out your ass........what\'s up with that??????? LOL
  17. Don\'t worry FC.... all you missed was two big cheecks with shit in the middle! lol

    I never saw his ass but from the way it talks tjhat has to be right!
  18. oh man.. it was bad enough when i got suckered in here by the title the first time... *stml* (or ltml) and bang! i get suckered in here a second time.
  19. i post bullshit i post bullshit

    guess what

    im stoned



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