something that makes me laugh about conspiracy theorists

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    they wont believe anything the government tells them. whatever the government sais, they will start criticizing it, saying its fake, coming up with theories, etc.

    but when they learn of another theory, they instantly believe it. isnt that exactly the opposite of what conspiracy theorists think? dont believe what the government tells you, but believe everything another conspiracy theorist tells you.

    example: for my english class were doing a group project on the new world order. while they (as in other people in my group) are researching, they take everything articles tell them as immediate fact. no questions, no other research, this theory is automatic fact. they will believe anything that sais the government is doing something it shouldnt be doing and is hiding it from us.

    i dont know if i could describe my thoughts correctly, but im assuming you guys can figure out what im trying to say.

    edit: people seem to be misunderstanding what im saying. i never said that i believe everything the government tells me. if that were the case, why would i have close to 800 posts on a marijuana forum? im saying that a lot of people who dont believe what the government tells them will accept a theory saying the governments wrong/lieing etc, without a whole lot of question.
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    When will they learn?
  3. yeah, no one can think for themselves anymore.
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    In my experience, "conspiracy theorists" are the ones who won't take anyone's word, not even Alex Jones or whatnot.

    Sounds like you're describing what I would call "stupid kids."
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    Those on both sides of this issue seem to make up their minds too quickly.
  6. So you believe weed makes you go insane?

    Thats what the government says

  7. when did i ever say anything to indicate anything like that?
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  9. So do you believe them or not?
  10. i dont understand what the point you're trying to make is, one issue does not represent a person's entire belief system.
  11. So what's wrong with questioning something that the government states as "facts"?I think it's worse that people can be so close minded and just believe anything that is shoved down their throats.

    What reasons do we have to trust anything they say?The government is ALWAYS doing something they shouldn't be and are hiding it from us.

    It's more than obvious that most of the government doesn't give a fuck about the people.It' all about power and greed to them.Personal gain.

    Actions speak louder than words and by their actions,they've made it perfectly clear that they just don't give a fuck and will screw us over any way they can.

    And how can you make a generalization and speak on ALL "conspiracy theorists" behalf,with saying a conspiracy theorist hears another theory and instantly believes in it?
  12. The single fact that "conspiracy theorist" has been attached to anyone who doesn't automatically accept the shit they're fed by the Fed, is the actual sad part.
  13. I must be misunderstanding his point then

  14. what other name would you like me to use? i dont believe a whole lot the government sais either, but i didnt want to describe a conspiracy theorist, or come up with a new name, when i could just say conspiracy theorist.

  15. I'm talking about the negative connotation "conspiracy theorist" has, and how that word has managed to work its way around to describing almost anyone who doesn't stand for the Governments blatant bullshit lies & propaganda.
  16. Are you doing so intentionally? It seems clear what the OP is trying to convey is that certain conspiracy theorists reject any information from the government solely because it is from the government, regardless of validity. They often don't apply this same level of skepticism to other sources, but still act superior as if they're enlightened for lack of a better word.

    He's not saying believe everything the government tells you.
  17. That is what I misunderstood, and not intentionally, though I clearly didnt think it through. I see a lot of conspiracy and anti-conspiracy threads. Both can be equally ridiculous.

  18. you just explained what i was trying to say perfectly. thank you, good sir.
  19. I laughed when I saw the OP generalize every person who believes in a conspiracy theory, saying they immediately accept any other theory. Hooray sweeping generalizations!

    I also laugh when people immediately dismiss conspiracy theories and those that believe in them. George Carlin said it best, that people don't even entertain the idea that "powerful people might get together and have a plan" as if that's a such a far-fetched thing to believe.

  20. i laugh when people say i said something i didnt say. i never said i dismiss them. i said i laugh when (insert situation i said in first post here)

    as for the first one, i dont think all of them are that way, just some. even though i failed to mention that in my first post, i thought it was assumed. my bad.

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