something terrible has happened!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by wolfpacker58, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. had a rainstorm this afternoon and my 10 ft tall 4 ft wide big bud X NL plant has slpit and broken over at the ground it is a clean break and cant be tied back up. I harvested the plant and have it drying, It was 5-6 weeks into flowering it has buds on it but all the trichs are still clear.

    will this bud be salvagable or is strait to the trim pile with this plant.

    has anyone had any expierence harvesting at this stage.

    Thank you
  2. you can still smoke the bud, it just won't be up to its maximum potency potential. just cure it really well and you'll still have some decent stuff.
  3. well, i guess it will be what it will be, these things happen.
  4. Ya, I had to cut down about that early last year due to the weather causing mold and rot. It'll be worth keeping, but if you make oil or pressed bubble hash, though you"ll get a less than normal amount, what you do get will be mind-blowing (all young and 'heady'... almost like an upper)... so consider that if it's not a good smoke.

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