Something stupid that might make you laugh...

Discussion in 'General' started by .....CAM....., Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Me and my friend were on my trampoline and he had his mp3 so we started recording this song we'd been ad-libbing for the past half hour

    (WARNING: this recording contains extreme immaturity lol)

    We weren't high when we made this either.
    You can't hear me that well cuz he was holding it.
  2. im too scared to open it...virus
  3. Put that video on you tube. Then you can embed it right in your post
  4. i think its just a sound file, can you put those on yourtube?

    damnit now i want to go on a trampoline
  5. i'm afraid to download me...please...nooooooo
  6. its a sound file
    I swear to god theres no virus i just downloaded it again and scanned it with avg its fine.
    Edit: I would try to put it on you tube but i dont feel like signin up. anyway i gotta hit the sack
  7. shit sum1 should listen to it
  8. ya i just listened to is pretty gay though to say the least lol
  9. lol uh yea... kinda not much content to the file haha...

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