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  1. just a real ***** outta fort myers
    while i was in the trap, u was in the choir,
    im back slangin that fire,
    i got the green, but aint from the Shire
    24 inches in between my tires,
    2 months late on my rent
    and them white folks aint hirin
    my right wrist aint full of diamonds
    and in my left, there aint Chris...
    but instead, i got rubbabands man,
    and i got a fully automatic tech...
    shits real on the left, and shits real on the side
    if a bitch wanna see bout it come down to fort myers
    where aint shit gon' slide where we bout breakin bread
    and if u wanna try it, youll get the whole clip in ya head

    real shit man... back in the trap... just cookin up the o's if this whole rap shit aint gona work cause money is the motivation...

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