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    you enter life born from the source. you live and grow in the triangle(universe the V expanding. you love,you hate, you survive, our time within the universe is limited when you die its forever fun and contentment, we are humans, we are not basic were rainbows after death, were calculators engulfed in pure light, like the source

    you see it getting lighter then darker in the triangle, it means everybody goes to the afterlife, what they think of you when you get there is another story.

    sorry trying explain this good image
  2. I think this just mean Pink Floyd had some good dose and was looking at the Light Spectrum experiments. And you had some good weed but 1 flaw you've encountered.

    Where did that initial light come from?
  3. it evolved from 'nothingness' i guess, like everything else, coin flip 50/50
  4. Another problem.

    I'd say its impossible for Nothing to evolve.

    Any counter?
  5. that album cover shows the light spectrum, you obviously think too hard about some issues.
  6. ya its a poster i have, i guess i reason to much with unreasonable things
  7. It's white light passing through a prism causing material dispersion as the different colors which comprise white light are refracted through it.

  8. [​IMG]

    I love that image...

    There are many ways to explain that image.
    One of them is this.

    Prism = Weed


    Because it reveals our true selves.

    We all look the same. Two eyes. Two ears. One nose. One mouth.

    But inside, we're all different.

    Some people are red... some people are violet... and the rest are in between.

    Just as the prism reveals the true colors of light, the weed reveals true natures of ourselves.

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