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  1. Ok so i'ma just jump into it.  So my ex and i split up a few months ago.  We were together for about 5 years on and off, have a 4 year old together.  Well the split was mine doing.  Too much shit we went through that i just couldn't get past.  
    Now, she's dating already.  She's been going oout on dates (that online dating shit is SO easy for girls, not even funny) and then i found out she slept with someone.  Even though  i dont want to be with her and i dont love her, it upset me.  Why?  IS it because we were together for so long?  Or is it because i hate seeing be an easy lay for prettiy much anyone who winks at her?  Or maybe its because i feel jealous that i'm not fucking anyone yet.  I do think that if i had someone right now, i woudlnt give a shit or at least not as much.  I dont show her that any of that bothers me, but it kinda does.  
    I dont want her back or anything like that, just wanted to get this off my chest


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