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something not quite right... (laced weed?)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kingjames8, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. hi i haven't posed here in a while... i've had really shit weed lately. so yesterday was just like any other weed pickup. got 3 grams for the usual 25 bucks from my usual dealer. looked like less (maybe 2.5~) but weighed out right... was hardish buds that were kinda damp (looked and smelled like stuff i had gotten before that was good and im almost 100% sure wasn't laced) so i started smoking it and it was harsher then usual... but didnt really taste all that strange (maybe a little) it just seemed like the stuff i had gotten before... so i got really high off not very much weed at all, and im thinkin ok... its good shit finally!! and kinda started to feel sedated (just layed there and shit). then im breaking apart a couple buds on a stem and there was a small white thing o_O looked kinda like a little white ball, so i rolled it around between my fingers a little and it kinda made crunching sounds and a little white powder came off on my fingers. was weird... i didn't really see it in there as i was pulling the buds apart, but then it was there... so im guessing it came out from between the buds, but ya. the whole thing wasn't really scarry and i didnt totally trip out of anything... just kinda felt like something was difernt. anyone have any thoughts on this?
  2. You said you felt sedated, so that takes Crack, Meth and any other smokeable amphetamine out of the picture. My guess is some sort of group of deformed THC crystals or it was in the sack prior to the weed.
  3. i dono... i cant see anything else out of the ordinary in/on it. just lots and lots or crystalyness all over the place :p so it could just be rly good weed for a change... but something just doesn't seem right.
  4. probably just some good bud, i cant imagine why they would bother to lace it
  5. It may have accidently come into contact with other drugs, but the dealer wouldnt purposely do that, he would be wasting his own supplies.

    Plus if the only things you felt was sedated, its prob just some bomb indica, have fun!
  6. #6 kingjames8, Aug 17, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 17, 2008
    hmm i think sedated is the best way to describe it... just kinda lay there and tingly feelings lol im not good at describing things >.> it either has lots of crystals or something on it. prolly just effecting me more cuz ive had shitty bud for a while... EDIT: i think id descride the taste as a sharp pine sort of a thing... as long as its not laced with meth or some shit thats gonna make me an addict or sumthing i dont rly care that much... i think ive smoked this shit before, it seems familiar. im prolly just paranoid or something lol
  7. definatly just a nice indica man
  8. It can happen. I just got laced weed a few days ago. I posted a thread about it in Seasoned Tokers...does it fizzle/pop/crackle when you smoke it?
  9. ehhh, it really doesn't.

    perhaps you got gritweed
  10. No, you should read my thread-I think it was baking soda or something of the like sprayed on the bud. (Maybe you consider this gritweed-if anything is in my bud that doesn't belong there, I call it laced. Gritweed to me would be weed laced with sand or something similar.)

    I got it from a reliable dude too, I usually buy an O off this guy whenever he gets it in, usually every week or 2.

    He's never had anything but good dank for a good price. The only time I've got bad bud is when it was some Beasters...first it was a bit leafy...this time it's laced.

    OP, your bud probably isn't laced with PCP or anything crazy like might just have some baking soda on it.
  11. Yeah, I would consider that almost gritweed, as it wasn't laced with another drug.

    Just an idiot peddler trying to make his product look better then it is:rolleyes:
  12. umm just smoked some more of it... it kinda sizzles a little. my arms and legs and face are like all numb right now... never had this happen before, at least not this strong and smoking much much more. but im not seeing things or running around for no reason or anything totally weird... just wish i knew what that white thing was...
  13. I think you might be tripping yourself out my friend, dealers DON'T waste product so you can get a better high for free
  14. Yeah if it's sizzling it's probably just some bullshit...and you could easily be feeling a placebo effect.
  15. If it's sizzling, it might not have been cured fully and might still be wet. It would cook out the moisture as its burned.
  16. how many "laced weed" threads are there gonna be before people realize this just doesn't happen
  17. if it crunched it could have just been a seedling or something, dont know how many times i find a seed that just brakes apart when you try to see if its actually a seed or not.
  18. im prolly just feelin shit cuz im lookin for it... if i hadn't hav found w.e it was id just think its good weed... it looked and felt kinda like a hard clump of some kinda white shit. and it kinda made a crunching noice and left some white lookin powder on my finger when i rolled it around a bit. was a pretty solid little clump tho. just thought id see what other people think.

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