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something new

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HighOnIt, May 13, 2010.

  1. so i dont have a pipe or a bong i really wana get one but havent gotten one well anyways this may soundweird but wat kinda homemade pipes can i make at home to smoke. i have tried the bottle and the can and they're kinda boring...i also tried fruits and suff but im looking for somethin new...wat can yall say?
  2. you could do a waterfall bong with a sobe bottle or just a regular soda bottle. gravity bongs are another option but both of those are more of a pain to use then a regular bong.

    if your wanting to do something crazy then you can make a percd bong which isnt that hard and turns out bitchin in the end.

    lightbulb vape is another one. steamroller. im just naming everythinc i can think of now haha
  3. get a metal zebra pen and take out the middle metal tube on it and use i pair of plyers to bend it on a 45 degree angle then take a socket and tape it on using duct tape there you go a pipe and its small for on the go and depending on the size of the socket you use it can be a party pipe,a one hitter or a normal pipe
  4. I'd use a 'nader'.
    it's a water bottle, with two holes in it (one carb) and one hole has foil on it, put your mouth to the mouthpiece, hold the carb and light up
    You could make a fruit pipe, eating fruit is healthy... so is smoking from em :smoking::hello:
    and that was a joke btw
  5. i'd suggest moving from homemade pipes to bongs because... shit if it's going to be homemade why the fuck not go for the bong?
  6. Make a gravity bong or parachute. Otherwise you might as well get your own cheap, small bowl for $10. It's an amazing investment and that's coming from someone who's name is Blunt . so you know I'm not kidding. If you need a tutorial for either, feel free to shoot me a private message.
  7. Thanks everyone for your ideas:hello:...wats the lightbulb vape?? I think Ima try the pen one. I really wan to get a bong but I have no idea where to get it.
  8. when i was a kid i would roll heavy aluminum foil into a bowl. They are disposable too, but they heat up really quick. I have whittled more than one pipe as well.
  9. I smoked out of my nerd friends homemade lightbulb vape before.. first time out of a vape ever and I had no idea I was even smoking anything and the high hit me like a truck. I'd recommend it, but I couldn't tell ya how to do it.
  10. gravity bong ftw! They get you sooo baked.
  11. fuck dude. make some wooden pieces. they are the shit. I love my old home made ones from when I was younger. I occaisonally still smoke out of em for old times sake. Just take a saw (or knife, but it takes longer) and a drill to a block of wood, and thats it.

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