Something Mysterious, Can't decipher this!!!

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Parablue, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Hey, i have a strange experience quite often when i used to smoke.
    It's like when i didn't smoke for a long time, and suddenly one day when i take a puff, i get this feeling...
    I get this strange feeling of being pretty miserable, miserable of what?? Feeling miserable that i have wasted my life when i was sober, as though, when i am sober, i ain't thinking the right way, as though when i am sober i ain't making the right moves or visualising life with the right concept. And when i puff it down, i feel i get a big realisation of myself, like i discovered in what way wrong i have been "Steering my boat wrong!!", as though the puff is a pre-destined event that have been place on myself to "Steer myself out to the right way again". It's like as though when i was sober, i had not tap my full potential, and stoning down after the puff, i realise what's inside me and where i have gone wrong.....
    Does anyone else get this feeling when they puff ???
  2. Not to minimize your question, but it's why most people toke....Euphoria!!

    although MJ is a depressant, it ALWAYS makes me feel better about myself!!

    Nice to "meet" ya, by the way!:wave: :smoke:
  3. Nice!!! Euphoria is a nice word!!! And it explains it well, nice to know you too. You have answered my question..
    MJ sure works a strange way being a depressant. :wave:
  4. You're welcome!

    never understood why MJ is considered a downer, been tokin' for nearly 40 yrs. and it's always made me feel better, go figure! :cool:
  5. imo... its because weed is a psychedelic, and all our life we are taught to think a certain way, act a certain way, and live a certain way. and when some people are on a psychedelic they realize how bullshit it all is, but its mysterious in its ways because its been there all your life.

    read my thread 'why drugs are really illegal' its in thias spirituality forum.
  6. Any drug that's a "depressant" just means it slows your reaction time, slows down your thoughts, makes you drowsy, etc. Not make you sad or depressed.
  7. Marijuana can be used to treat depression, it's a "depressant" because it slows reaction time, but if you think about it, you are actually thinking wayyyy faster because everything seems to take forever.
  8. Lemme admit something, up until the age of about 16, so about a year ago, i was a proper dick, i was immature, i was destructive and used to love getting into fights and into trouble with police and others. Since i started bunnin i really have calmed down and really thought about my life and made a lot of chances for the better. I used to smoke weed on the streets in public view to try n look hard, but now i do it for the effect i get from it, and i reckon my life has taken a turn for the better, altho it is very easy to get too carried away with weed and end up doing more harm than good in your life.

    Ive been to both extremes, trust me, a balance is best.
  9. I just want to say this. To the guy who started this thread, dude, you are so on the right track. I beleive that when you smoke bud, you go to a place that you want to be. Your mind takes you to a state that you want to be in, when your in a place that you want to be in, you become more one with yourself, thats why people become philosiphers ( sp?) when they are high, they are finally looking at things a little differently, and when you look at things differently when your high...the whole concept that you had of whatever it was before, is now distorted hadnt looked at it that way before. And now, it doesnt make sense, or it does make sense now because while you were sober, non of it made sense. Sometimes i puff weed and i feel like im worthless...other times i puff weed and i think of ways to end global starvation. by the way, i did, and so have many others. Take ten percent of the money america plans on spending for weapons...and spend it on food and just hand it out to homeless people on the streets. Trust me, it may not be the best solution, but if america did it, it would show that this country cares for EVERYONE. anywho....
  10. you dont know how right you are.
  11. depressent doesnt literally mean it depresses u, it means it 'depresses' or slows down both your nervous and thought systems.

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