Something MORE than love.

Discussion in 'General' started by Walter Sobchak, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. My girlfriend and I discussed how we feel something much more than love for one another. I don't know if there's a term, because I don't know if it can be expressed in words. It's... almost hard to care/love for each other as much as we do. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone can fill me in on what we're feeling. It's something greater than just love.
  2. infatuation my friend :(
  3. yea the obsession is a wonderful feeling. i know what you mean...while its not as intense as it used to and my girl of two years are still infatuated...i hope it lasts much longer.

    Here's to something beautiful that yall share. keep it strong.

    Love - the most satisfying/mindbending/heartbreaking/lifechanging drug there is.
  4. hmm.. good infatuation. there's a new one to me.
  5. Normally infatuation is something people feel before love, or it's not associated with love. We grew FROM love to infatuation if that's what you're saying it is.

    We're in a good place, regardless of what you call it though.
  6. yea its all already said its hard to describe the feeling so there ya go. im happy for yall all the same.
  7. i had something posted but it depressed me, heh. i'm glad you and your girlfriend are so happy. :)
  8. thanks. I quit smoking April 1st and haven't had hardly any issues, she's much better than pot. :p

    4.20 though...
  9. i like to balance both, regardless of what's better. that's like comparing my mouse to my keyboard. i can still navigate through my computer with just a keyboard... but the mouse makes it so much better, you know what i'm saying, man?

  10. "holy crap, thats the smartest thing i have ever heard someone say, ever" Peter - family guy
  11. well, it was inspired by the absence of a keyboard right now. you see, i haven't had a keyboard for some time. but tonight i used my mouse and it helps me ponder these things, you know?

    one time i got my keyboard taken away when my mom found an empty bag, so i had to use the mouse. turns out, you can do everything that you can on the keyboard from a mouse (i was able to talk on IM, i just copied letters from my homepage and pasted them into sentences). true story.

    in conclusion, everything can be done with the mouse, but it just takes longer. :smoking:
  12. jesus, that had to take forever. also we see what your priorities are if your mom takes the keyboard for punishment haha! but im not mom used to take my books away.
  13. hahaha, that was 3 or 4 years ago. :p just thought it a suitable example.

    edit: i just decided that that was the best analogy i've ever made. i feel as if i've taken another step up the steps to perfection.
  14. i hope the feeling lasts my friend, i really do. Glad you found someone to be in your life :)
  15. doesn't matter what it's called. Just enjoy.
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  16. exactly, +Rep

    and comedowns can really fuck that magical love up .. so becareful :)

  17. syn-er-gy n. The combined action of 2 or more substances or agencies to achieve an effect greater than that of which each is individually capable.

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