something missing from life?

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  1. anyone ever get that feeling, that theres just something missing?

    Im not really depressed but theres some kind of emptiness i feel sometimes. sort of like a "now what?" feeling.
  2. Do you have a significant other? That's usually the cause if I start to feel that way. What works for me is to do something that could potentially, even if only slightly, help in getting someone. Then I feel like I've been constructive and not a whiny bitch about it :smoke: And I have to say, it's paying off with an amazing girl :)
  3. [quote name='"hoboleader"']anyone ever get that feeling, that theres just something missing?

    Im not really depressed but theres some kind of emptiness i feel sometimes. sort of like a "now what?" feeling.[/quote]

    I know that feel

    Well for me, I needed someone to fuck me over then I felt good after :)
  4. nah i just feel like theres something im supposed to be doing. dunno what the deal is, anything different, Its not really a life its a routine, im happy with what i got at the moment though.
    but in say 20 years ill start getting older, my life could be half way finished, or who knows, i could die tomorrow in a car accident. I dont know if I want to live in a routine my whole life.
  5. Well there's only one way to find out. It comes with a lot of risks, but the rewards can be great. You could also try doing a new activity or improving an old one once a week, or if that's too routine, just as you see fit. I wish you the best of luck man.
  6. Watch Fight Club, then V for Vendetta, or read the books...


    Of course watch them when baked, otherwise you won't get the message..
  7. That's when you realize.....oh yeah I have nothing to do hahaha. I've been having the same problem lately, I'll try to combat it by spending a extra long time with my family
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  9. ^ That is so true...


    If you feel you're missing something from your life, it is probably because you haven't found your 'personal legend'.
  10. If you feel you are missing something, do not worry. It is ok to feel that way. Just acknowledge it and how it makes you feel. It will be fine if you just keep going and stay positive. That's not to say the feeling will just vanish. It will leave when you are ready.
  11. Maybe what is missing is right in front of you.
  12. Im sure most people get that feeling. It maybe a prompt to thinking "now what?
  13. That feeling might just be the feeling that you want to strive for something better, no one can tell you what it is you have to work on it yourself.
  14. Start looking into the truth. Learn about sociology and psychology, start meditating and chakra work, learn about Hermetics, the Qabala. Join an order like the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons, BOTA, TMO, OTO, A'A'. Learn about quantum entanglement and quantum field theory in general. Look into parapsychology and experiments testing psi (mostly by Dr. Radin and Dr. Emoto).

    Pierce the Veil! Luck and peace.
  15. I know this feeling all to well... The funny thing is, what you're missing from your life is generally right in front of you. You just gotta push through all the bullshit around you to get to it.
  16. well this sounds weird for a dude to say, but I think what has been bothering me is I dont have kids, and some of my best friends do. and im a bit jealous for some reason, I dunno. This particular friend, weve had a relationship of, "well if he has it then I have to have it to" and vice versa.

    I also heard this little girls voice in my house the other night, saying "daddy?". i searched the whole house nothing. been just going a bit crazy and overthinking shit, smoking alot more weed then usual. But im not in a position to be able to support a kid, so fuck it.
  17. I think the empty feeling you are getting is probably just unconditional love then. Like the love a kid has for his/her parents. Or parents to the kids. Maybe what you need is to visit family to see whats up.
  18. Maybe what you need is to visit family to see whats up.

    I do this as well. :) They normally end up annoying me enough to want to get out of there but by seeing them helps to put something/everything back in perspective.
  19. Do you have a special hobby that you enjoy and want to pursue as a occupation?

    Perhaps you want to travel and seek out the world, traveling can be an eye opening experience.

    Or like others before me have said, looking to be loved and finding somebody that completes you as a person.
  20. you need to experience change

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