Something just happened and I was angry the whole time! But now I cant stop laughing!

Discussion in 'General' started by Fenderkiller, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. So it started out as my normal routine of watering the vegetable garden. I was watering al of them by hauling buckets as my house lost water pressure earlier this morning... So I had just finished watering the garden the modified way which took for fucking ever when.... low and behold the water pressure returns.

    So the above is the set up by now I'm a little pissed. I go to shut the water off on the hose that was left on so I would know when the pressure returned. I go to the turn off valve and as I bend down, just then I feel something on my neck. Before I can do anything I get stung. It was a fucking wasp. I was just minding my business when the fucking wasp probably thinks to itself fucking self "Oh look he's already pretty mad why don't I go fuck with him!"

    This was the wrong move for that fucking wasp and his kind. I went back into the house found every can of hornet and wasp killer I had. Went back out side and sprayed every last fucking wasp nest I could find. All the while yelling shit like: "you like that?" Oh does that stuff kill you? I’m sorry?" Fuck you, you, and you!" "OOPS!" glad you fucked with me?"......

    Now that it's all over I can't stop laughing about it. lol could you imagine what my neighbors thought? lololol :smoke:
  2. Your a crazy guy
  3. Good story, made me laugh quite a bit actually thinking of you spraying those nests. Wasps deserved every last bit of it.
  4. Dude FUCK Mosquitos those little fuckers do absolutely nothing I wish I could kill every last one of them.
  5. i read somewhere that certain wasp stings can be benificial to certain ppl. wouldnt you feel bad if that poor lil fella was just trying to help ya out and you went all ape shit on his ass? lol..least he wasnt watching you sleep waiting for the right moment when you opened your eyes to get ya..

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