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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by djet311, May 13, 2006.

  1. I think I know what my problem is, just need to confirm it.

    I've been using an organic based nute, Botanicare Pureblend Pro, on three seperate plants; one about 2 weeks old grown from seed, a feminized clone about 2 weeks old, and a feminized mother about 6 weeks old. I haven't been PH'n my water, by default it is around 6.5

    The plant grown from seed started showing this issue while under fluoro lights, when I put it under my big light the problem got a lot worse, and the plant eventually died. The clone is now starting to show the same signs, along with the mother. Both of which are under the big light.

    Being worried about multiple things I decided to flush the two and switched back to a 3 part GH formula, which I've always used and had no issues with. It almost looks like a Mg deficiency to me, thought the Pureblend has .5% Mg.

    Any other thoughts? I really won't know if the problem was fixed by the flush and change for another couple days.



  2. I think you should start PH in your runoff water and your soil. It looks to me like a calcium deficiency. Damn I wish Stiches site was up. I PMed him and he seems to be gone. He would know right off. Based on what I remember from his guide is that looks like calcium deficient. Here is one grow guide
  3. Update.... The leaves that are affected seem to curl upward, in a V shape, as they start to die off.
  4. check your pH and mist with a little Mg in water (epsom salt)

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