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  1. In before the mouth breather nuclear energy supporters

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  2. Best. Username. EVER :p

    But honestly, isn't this big news, or shouldn't it be? This is affecting a lot of people considering it could be going thru the breached levee's and spreading throughout the state?
  3. The world is ending, I've already come to terms with it. JUst blaze up and soak in all the radioactivity
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    You would think so...but in this country were unbelievably stupid
  5. Isn't tritium what Dr. Octavius uses to create an artificial sun!? :eek:

  6. this thread only has 25 views right now haha
  7. 98 people is a username. :laughing:
  8. Wow I fell for that one... Took advantage of the high kid :/
  9. Glad I don't live there.
  10. lolol 98 people hahahahah

  11. Oh SHI! We're onto something!:eek:
  12. lmao, those are some legendary trolls in your like box
  13. In after people who don't understand nuclear energy.
  14. Yeah the sky...
  15. Nobody, Nothing? Is this not important? I'd like to hear from our blades from Mississippi if they heard any news regarding this.
  16. [​IMG]

    Erhrmm.. yikes.
  17. I think msiis missi ...missipi misssipippi. misspeepe missipiii ahh fuck it
  18. radioactivity is good for you.
    without it wede be dead.
    plus i loves my nuke plants, better than burning shit for power right?
  19. Im gonna light my jays with nuclear waste.

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