Something is eating leaves help!

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  1. Plants in rock wool and hydroton clay. I just transplanted them to flower a week and a half ago. About a week ago, I started noticing some leaves looked like they were being eaten. Some of the tips of the leaves are gone and some have small holes in them. I looked everywhere for bugs but I am not able to detect any. I even used a magnifying glass. Does anyone know what this could be and what I can do to help my poor plants?

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  2. Look under the leaves. Looks like spider mites. Spray the plant with water and see if you can see a web appear. They make spider webs that are so fine you can see really and they feed on them. Also they have spider mite and bug killer at lowes. Get a bottle. Before she goes to bed spray the soil and the plant generously. Including the underside of the leaves do it for three days in a row and they will all be dead. You can watch for them by looking under the leaves before they get you that bad and even running your finger under the leave if it comes back with what appears to be a saw dust look it is spider mites. Make sure you get the organic kind of killer though
  3. I will look under the leaves again tonight. I didn't notice anything last time I looked. I have also been spraying with neem oil but that doesn't seem to do anything. What would you recommend to spray them with?
  4. Nuke em you can get it at hydro stores and online or organicide. You can get it at lowes. Mist them with water and see if you notice any webs forming near the stalk.
  5. Lol thats not something eating your leaves. It happens to a few of my leaves somtimes also. Sometimes ill get leaves where 1 Blade is missing. Its ugly but w.e
  6. Ok well leaves don't grow with holes in them and don't deform after they were grow. Sry to down you but your wrong. He isn't talking about a blade missing.

  7. There are holes on leaves that were once whole. And also some blades are being eaten slowly from the tip. I didn't worry about it until it started to get worse. Is there another explaination to why this would happen?

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