Something INSANE just happened. :(

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  1. So guys..heres how my day went.

    First I smoked a shitload of gravbongs throughout tthe day (slowly, so I came down a bit before each new one)
    then I rode my bike all the way to a different part of town to pick up an eighth of juicy fruit and a gram of master kush. I picked that shit up , its dank as fuck btw, and I'll throw up some pics in the morning.
    So then my friend picks me up, and we cruise and blaze a bowl in the car and then we go to another spot and toke like 3 bowls of juicy fruit and my 3 friends and i get back into the car and end up at wawa. (convenience store)
    as we drive to wawa we notice a SHITLOAD of cops everywhere.
    its bullshit.
    but then one pulls up behind us as we pull into the parking spot and looks at us
    then pulls up right next to us.
    that part freaked me out so we all get out and go into wawa for a second. apparently while i was inside the cop pulls around the corner behind a dumpster and watches us. as soon as we pull out the cop follows us out of the parkinglot and we get pulled over.
    now I'm worried as I had an like 4 grams of bud aand my bowl. so i put my bud in my sock under my foot and i put the bowl under my seat in a sweatshirt.
    So we all end up getting pulled out, because my three compadres had been blazing all day and were stoned as shit...i was too. :rolleyes:
    well now were all worried and they test the driver of the car with a field sobriety test and he gets arrested for dui. this is FUCKED now im thinking.
    so the cops tell us that after we get searched we can leave.
    so as im sitting there i see the fucking fat ass piggy find my bowl under the seat and my heart breaks.

    yes, the nice rasta one
    GOD DAMN IT IT WAS A GIFT. im so unhappy..but glad to not be arrested.
    well after i see that i get searched and i had nothing in my pockets besides a lighter/phone. the cop dude asks me to take off my shoes and i start to freak a bit, but i took my shoes off and he shook them out and my bud was under my foot so he didnt see it. soooooooooo close though.
    oh my god man im buggin.

    so i got released..might be charged with possession but i didn't confess that my bowl was mine...i dk yet

    man im so sad i loved that bowl sooo much..:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  2. ouch. that is rough. that bowl looks/looked beautiful. at least he didn't find the bud. could've been worse.
    :smoking: smoke on!
  3. Damn dude that bowl is sick that sucks the cops took it, i'll smoke a bowl for you later.
  4. that sucks was a sick piece too :(
  5. He just pulled you guys over out of nowhere? And did any of you give consent to search the car?

    Sorry about the bowl :(
  6. nice bud in the pic and yeah sorry for your lose man i know how it feels
  7. I feel for ya. I had a favorite bowl and it got taken away, kinda from me. I feel your pain but don't worry... it'll pass soon enough. Just remember to TOKE ON.

  8. well he pulled us over because the license plate on the car was "displayed improperly".
    and my friend (driver) didn't give consent but then he failed the sobriety test so i guess thats the right?
    edit---thanks everybody else who read this. :)and i will remember to toke on...after all i still have 4gs of headdddy ass chronnnnic!
  9. thats gey you shouldnt have consented to a search
    but if you didnt consent you probly wont get in any legal trouble you mite even get the piece back
  10. That sucks much dick bro. Fuck the cops.

    At least you're not in teh slammer though :smoke:
  11. no chance in hell im getting that piece back. oh well. i only consented to a search of my person, and nobody gave consent of the car but the dui was probable cause to search im sure.

    and eah, at least no slammer . and heady nugs!
  12. well posession of a piece is basically a traffic ticket nobody will ever know about it. So maybe confessing about the bowl and not getting caught with marijuana would be better. I dunno im high but thats just what i thought about it
  13. Yeah. Anytime you get arrested they can search your shit. Not sure about searching passengers.

    Eat your stuff next time man. I know it would have been rough with 4g, but drug charges suck. Glad you made it though.
  14. A- I love WaWa. B- Your piece was hella sweet. It's a shame he found it.

    Sorry about your bad day man, good luck with what charges may come :(
    (Hopefully none! :))
  15. sorry to hear bro :( beats getting busted for sure though.

  16. i didnt fail those tests i heard the fucking pigs saying so from the back seat....oh i was the driver if none of you picked that up....the whole thing fucking sucks....i think i just recently got off probation and now im about to go right back on i got my car impounded so i owe a whole bunch of money and they took my sweet bowl that i got at mountain jam this year.....luckily i dont think they found my gram of juicy fruit that was in my car...shit sucked i had to go to the hospital and get blood drawn and i HATE needles....fucking pigs....burn one for me city cause i might be joining team sober for a while
  17. If you didn't fail the test then when you get to court if you don't admit to it maybe nothing will happen.. But if you admit to it then all hope is lost.
  18. Beautiful bowl man, +Rep

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