Something I wrote. Is it worth a damn?

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  1. I look at the desolate world around me. The voice in the back of my head

    whispers to me. "You are alone. No one hears your plea, nor do they care."

    My eyes shift from one side of the hazy earth to the other. The voice is right.

    I see no one. I decide that if I walk, I might find a compassionate soul who

    might care for me. Again I hear the voice in the back of my head. "There is no

    use. You will be alone." I listen to the voice. The haze grows thicker. The air

    is moist; the atmosphere grows heavy. I can no longer see the earth. I sit

    down and weep, for I am alone. Then I feel a hand on my shoulder. I try to

    hide my face, but you turn my head, and wipe away my tears. Your smile

    shatters the haze,and the fog clears. The air dries and the atmosphere is no

    longer closing in around me. Your arms replace the atmosphere as they lock

    me in an embrace. The voice screams in the back of my head, but I don't hear

    it. I hear you reassure me. "I am here," you say, "and you are not alone. I

    hear your plea and I have come to lift the burden. Dry your tears and walk

    with me, for the desolation was only in your mind." I look around with hope.

    Just as you have said, I no longer see a desolate world. My eyes take in the

    vibrancy of the earth. Then my gaze travels to you. I am transfixed. The

    vibrancy of the world is lost to me, for your radiance leaves the earth in

    shame. I am with you, and you with me. I no longer weep, for I am joyous. My

    tears are replaced with laughter; a song which can not be silenced.
  2. That. was awesome man. love the writing style. keep it coming.
  3. yea.
    that was G.
    thats how i feel,
    and im waiting for the hand ya know

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