Something I should be concerned about?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by wunschshrek, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Hello everyone,

    This is my first grow, it is northern lights and they are feminized seeds. I do not have a digital PH tester, I am hopefully going to be able to pick one up tomorrow from a local store, right now I have just been using bottled water and I am not sure of the PH, so that very well may be the problem, if there is one.

    On my biggest place, at the base of some of the leaves it looks kind of ruffled, ragged could be another word used to describe it.

    Here are the two pictures, can you please tell me what you think :

    (the pictures are large in size, i wanted you to be able to see it well)

    the plant is about 12 days old including germination.

    Hopefully tomorrow I can get the PH tester, the water I am using might be as high as 7.5, and I know that is not good for the plant, but it is bottled water.
  2. Oh yeah :

    I am using a 250 Watt MH bulb, and I have it 5-6 inches above the plants. I should be getting my 400 watt HPS bulb next wednesday tho and I will be using both at once :hello:
  3. I wouldn't worry as long as the plant seems green and healthy. One of my plants had a few leaves grow rumpled on one edge like that and ended up with some funny looking twisted leaves, it seems that it was just a random deformity and all the other leaves are perfectly normal. It may just be those leaves that are deformed and the rest of the plant is fine.

    I am only on my first grow tho, so if someone else has more insight/experience on the matter, listen to them. :)
  4. Your plant looks fine. I would not worry about what you are seeing there. Bottled water PH should also be fine too. Your plant looks very nice so far.
  5. aha, they're fine, and i think it's too early for say something about any problems with them.

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