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Something I read in time about Weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lapse, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. I was reading that issue about Pot when I went to the eye doctor... And it was talkin about it being a gateway drug... The only harm I see Weed do is become a gateway drug [I dont do anything else]. And it had a guy talkin about, if you get pot from a guy, you can probably get alot of drugs from him, and so as long as pots illegal your gonna have that connection... But if you go to the store and buy a pack of joints [thatll be the day], it really 'closes' that 'gateway' and removes the harm from it
  2. That's an interesting look at it and I woul dhave to agree with you; but I dont' think that's what they meant by gateway drug. What they try to tell us is that after takin pot for a while you get bored of it and want something stronger.
  3. yeah... thats the same principal... you want something stronger, and you have a connection to wher you could get somethign stronger
  4. but in actuality most pot smokers don't want anything stronger, 'cept maybe an occasional trip
  5. I can honestly say ive never felt the urge to go out and shoot up heroin or snort coke, Im fine with my bong, now if only the idiots would legalize it.

  6. I totally agree.
  7. i find it leads to coming around the city a lot....this place can be like a drug sometimes :p
  8. ahhhhhhh...a pack of joints...

  9. at least weed is getting publicity

  10. I think that would be so cool! Here is a picture I found that would be a great ad

    Marlboro may not like it though LOL , they shouln't care though, because for every joint I smoke, I probably smoke 2 of their cigs. Tobacco enhances a buzz, and is just as addictive as they say pot is.

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  11. i really enjoy smokin bud. its great. but since i can't smoke bud anymore, i'm open for new things. LSA was fun, and i'm lookin forward to DXM this weekend. possibly acid in the near future too, but i'm not gonna do this stuff regularly. just the occasional trip.
  12. ya but it kind of is a gateway drug because weed shows you how great that drug is, and then you want to know what harder drugs make ypu feel like. it is kinda but alot of people arent druggies, just potheads...... big difference!!!!

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