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something I noticed stoners have in xommon

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by RobRoyy, May 6, 2012.

  1. We all go crazy for secret compartments. I know i am much more likely to buy something If it has a stash pocket.
    Backpack, shoes, mugs, hoodies, anything ha.
  2. haha ya its true.. i was looking at shoes and the tongue of the shoe was a actually a secret zipper compartment that i could fit about 2 grams of some dense nugget in.. cops don't bother with it unless they are anal pricks
  3. i actually have a shoe with a stash pocket made in the tongue. But unfortunately after about 2 steps, your bud will be compressed lol. But still good!
  4. Yeah I have a pair of ipath shoes w stash pockets. Ha I love filling them all w a nug then finding them after I've forgotten about them.
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    [​IMG]sha sha has a shoe I have pretty cool I will look for a link

    Mine has a hidden compartment where the heel is has a little door and everything big enough to hid a key
  6. If it crushes it then just make foot hash!
  7. true. i always think about better hiding places even though i already have a very good hiding place :)

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