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  1. We had an assignment to turn one photo into two, and connect them with Photoshop. It took me about ~2 hours to do, but I had fun with it. :wave:

    Here's the original:


    And here's the one I made:

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  2. Nice, it looks really good and I think you chose a great picture for that assignment. What is the class?
    I'm currently in a digital art & design class, but it's just the photography teacher. And he knows a lot about photography, but his knowledge of photoshop consists of looking up youtube tutorials and playing them for the class. It's still fun though!
  3. It's a digital imaging class. Working generally with fixing photos using a variety of methods. And that blows man, nothing I dislike more than when teachers don't show you that they know the material. :(

    Here's an assignment we we had about 4 weeks ago, to restore this broken photo, after we learned about tools such as the clone stamp tool.

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  4. awesome work man! great got skill.

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