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something i got when i was baked

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ludachris, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. got this like 2 weeks ago on my forearm..being high kinda intesified the pain.

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  2. Unless you're Asian that is gonna look so fuckin gay. lol!
  3. ^ im half chinese
  4. What do those thingies mean?
  5. its my chinese name, the 1st character means "Lee" my last name..i dunno what the last 2 mean, been meanin to ask my dad that for ages

  6. you got a tatoo and you dont even know what all of it means.. smart..
  7. lmao i hope it means vaginal warts or something funny like that

  8. its my chinese name that was given to me at birth, its like knowing that bob is ur name but not knowing the "definition" of bob
  9. I'm a huge tattoo fan. I love body mods. So I gotta say, that looks fresh. You should add to it sometime. Like, have an aged scroll drawn around it.
  10. Looks good, glad its important to you. I hate when people get random symbols that mean nothing to them.

    Hah, and why'd you get it done while blazed? When I got mine, I had a feeling that getting it high would make the pain so much more intense, so I got mine done, then smoked up afterwards. :D

  11. my friend had a blunt rolled, he sparked it and i couldnt say no. i did like 20 gravity bong hits when i got home though, it helped a lot
  12. Hah true. I see where your coming from. If the blunt was rolled and on the table, I wouldn't hesitate, whether I was going to get a tattoo or open heart surgery, or whatever, hah.
  13. that looks aight.....ya skin look to clean for use to serein grimey cats rockin tats......

    ay'ways, being high intensified the pain???? aaah, there goes my plans......
  14. Looking very cool man, way better than tribals, it actually means something. (it's an opinion so stay nice tribalowners :))
  15. i wanna get i tatoo but noooo my mom wont let me cuz "im living under her roof"
  16. this is the way to go or so ive heard... get a tattoo and then smoke up to soothe the pain......:)

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