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Something I do when high and in bed...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by T3XAs T0K3r, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Not sure if anyone else has tried this, but when i go to sleep high I always imagine being on that ride at the carnival that spins in circles and you sit in this car looking seat and theres like 20 people with you. (hope makes sense, :bongin:)

    Wake and bake sativa :)

    Well when i do that theres this huge amount of force on my head and my world starts spinning fast, entertaining to the brain lol.
  2. Masturbation.
  3. Pick something up, close your eyes and feel it against your face. ;)
    It can be awesome.
  4. hey op, i totally know what you mean, you feel like you're spinning and then you open your eyes and its like hey, wait a second, im just lying in bed, though can't go wrong with elengold's suggeswtion either haha
  5. Yea dude never happened to me , but its cool that you enjoy it I would feel like it would induce nausea
  6. Haha yuh I used to do the same shit lol, a coo ride on a coaster till I sleep
  7. oh my god me too. like, riding the tilt a whirl. .you just pretend ur on it. :D

  8. Im am the exact opposite. I cant remember my dreams when I go to bed high, but like the past few days Ive been sober and can remember what seems like my dream or dreams.
    I just woke up from alternative school, i was running and got away. Then cops chased me down and threw me face first into a pile of sand then stepped on my back so I wouldnt run again. haha. Makes me wanna go back to sleep. ( It would tak to long to type all of it):confused:
    And I swear every dream I have that I remember somehow involves guns. (the cops were pointing the guns at me when they had me pinned. lol)
  9. EXACTLY!!!

    And as for the dreamer guy, most of my dreams involve me running from seombody.
    But i practice WBTB Lucid dreaming so i switch it up a lot when i can :hello:
  10. Im high as fuck typing this in my bed.

    Its like in on a ride. And my music is slowed
  11. Yep, know what u mean. get that swerving, spinning effect when i close my eyes and lay down in bed. Kinda like those psychedelic videos. it is fucking cool. feels like your flying in a way.

    idk, havent experienced this in exactly describe(foggy memory)
  12. Hahaha, has the ride ever broke down and you where stuck?
  13. when ever im lyin in bed before i snooze i close my eyes it feels like your on a roller coaster you just spinnin
  14. almost like your flying
  15. yo man i used to have that feelin when i first started burnin it down, when i was on weed brownies and shitload of blunts and bong packs i fell flat to the bed and went into a stony coma, i waas spinin so bad i puked and i was FUCKED up.. proly because i didnt eat much:smoking:

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