something going down in new york

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  1. im not sure what it is! but soon i hope i'll know before it actually happens. well fellow blades lately people are getting kidnapped around here someone broke into the building next to me and kidnapped a 13 year old girl and didnt touch anything in the house. and down the block some 11 year old boy was kidnapped in broad daylight and noone saw anything? wtf? (at first i told my gf someone MUST be making some kiddie porn or something) but then more people keep going missing its really worrying since well...the ages are varying as in 17 year olds 20 year olds i dunno i was always confident noone could kidnap me because im not some lil boy but whoever this is there kidnapping kids who've even gone into the army and marines at 18 and shit along with the defenseless little kids.

    im colombian and this is normal there because they ransom you and milk your relatives for cash then sell your organs off and shit but cmon this is new york man all these asshole cops and a precinct like 5 blocks away and this is going on? what. the. fuck.
  2. in nyc, the biggest drug rings are the ones operating on the same blocks precincts are on.

    besides that, the only security a person can have is the security the person gives themselves.

    shit all the 18-21 year olds i see on the block carry guns now just so they can feel safe.
    tension is in the air all over.

    ppl are getting desperate, human resources aint callin back!!?!!!!!
  3. The world is really so fucked up sometimes man.
  4. Bed-Stuy? Bushwick?
  5. ^idk what that means. But OP lock ur doors and windows lol
  6. Buy a shotgun

  7. Parts of Brooklyn. Considering a move there so I was wondering
  8. Shit man...I would try and get a concealed weapons permit and carry a nice small handgun when you dont feel safe
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    As far as I know your not allowed to legally carry a handgun in city limits
  10. Carry a combat knife,and wear a vest.

    If you get confronted by unarmed individuals cut the first fuck to get in your way,the rest will run like bitches.

    If you get shot at then at least you can protect your vitals while YOU run away.
  11. This is off topic but when i went to NYC yesterday there was this dude holding up a caardboard sign saying "Yo I Need Some Money For My WEED!" I lold
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    Common one is "why lie i need a beer" haha
  13. Lol I saw the "i need money for some weed" guy near union sq

  14. I go to NYC often and see that guy ALL THE TIME. I'm pretty sure it is the same guy, I'd love to smoke with him, lol. :bongin:
  15. It might people getting kidnapped for a human trafficking/prostitution ring. I saw a show on it on CNBC and in new York it's supposed to be pretty big. It's some messed up shit yo.
  16. wow, these replies are soo american.. i don't know a single canadian that in this situation would give the advice "try to get a handgun permit and carry the gun around with you" or "you need to get a blade and wear a vest."

    like what the fuck? lol. any canadian that reads this knows what i'm saying..
  17. This NYM dude seems pretty chill, just sayin
  18. keep it legal. get urself a taser or pepper spray. sounds gay as fuck even to myself cuz personally i love guns but im tryna think of the "what if" scenario where u get busted wth a stolen gun and do xx amount of years for something that could have been so easily avoided.
  19. LOL dude i feel you....Canada is just so more relaxed and a hell of a lot less violent:smoke:

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