something fun to do while stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Feb 13, 2003.


Do you do crazy shit when stoned?

  1. Hell Yeah I do!!!

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  2. No, i just watch you bust your ass and laugh.

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    My back brake skipped when i landed the pedal hop lurch. Damn that hurt my ass. haha

    Does anyone do shit like this while high?


    Warning: file is .mov file close to 5 megs if you're on broadband should be okay but modem might be too slow
  2. Sorry, the page you requested was not found

    Need another link my friend. ^^This is what came up!^^
  3. yea man its dosent work. but i love doing crazy shit when high man its fun
  4. Try it now,,,
  5. yepyep, its so fun bein goofy when ur high
  6. Did the video work?
  7. Hell yeah! Like this one time I got into my swordfish2 and flew through hyperspace after a bounty..oh wait, no I didn't do that, I watched it on t.v. last night.

    Later, space cowboys.
  8. fuck yea i would love doing crazy shit while stoned. i havent done anything yet since i dont have any stoner friends. man that sucks. i have done alot of crazy shit while sober though.
  9. skateboarding is wayyyy fun when you're lit....i love it...i feel like i can do anything.. its sweet...

    nothin too crazy for me...but the other day, i jumped out of my 2nd story window into my was nutty..i gotta go.peace

  10. haha whats your secret dude? i cant even ollie if i try to skate high.. its pathetic
  11. when i skate high it feels like the board's attached to my feet and that i can jus pop and flow, carve, and just use up the whole skatepark.
  12. haha, yeah its way fun...i love skatin when awesome.

    haha whats your secret dude? i cant even ollie if i try to skate high.. its pathetic

    my secret? practice man...everytime you get lit, try and skate for like 10 min or somethin...make sure you dont break a sweat though..cuz it sucks when you're stoned, well to me. once you get good at skatin flatland stoned, then move onto like, sloped rails and pyramids....its sooo fun man...we have a "JESUS" ramp at our local park, and we all get lit, and launch of that beast..its like we're 30 ft. in the air.. sooo dope. but yeah, practice it. i couldnt skate at first when i tried it for the first time, but i got used to it. its great.

  13. My and my posse get in a circle and start flowing to some beats
  14. me and my friends do some crazy shiznit when we are hi

    I jumped a six foot ramp in a shopping cart once while high

    of course
  15. i dont know im just kind of sitting here

    there is some good music playing
  16. haha, yah, im just sitting here eating doritos and listening to some good tunes
  17. too much work, when im high i jst chill at my friends and play cards. anything more then sittin becomes a job
  18. I do both, it depends completely on who I am around. I have some friends that just sit around and be high, which is a great time. But I also have friends that are really hyper when high, and when I'm around them I get hyper too, and run around being all stupid while high. Both are great times.
  19. i just got a sector 9 longboard that is dope. Im gonna try and carve down some awesome hills while ripped sounds fun!

    peace =D

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