Something Eating My Plant....Any Advice?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by helloduo, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. I currently am growing two plants and when i recently went back to check on them one of them had parts of the leaves missing, a bug or something had obviously chosen my plant as a snack. At first i was completly devasted, seeing how the plant is only a week and a half old and i thought that i had already failed, but then i was thinking and decided that not much of the plant was gone and there may be a chance of the little girly(cross your fingers that it is female) surviving.
    So do any of you advanced growers have any advice to give me, have any of you had plants that this has happened to still survive and flourish? Is there anything that i should do to stop this from happening again, and what do you think the chances are of bugs eating more of it? Thank you in advance to any of the help i may receive.
    Peace, brothers and sisters.
  2. anyone, please? HELLOOO!!...................LO....Lo.....lo. (that was a fucking echo).
  3. Prevention depends on whats eating your plants, any ideas? seen any grasshoppers, slugs, etc around ?
  4. Being the person i am, i am slightly afraid to go to my spot during the day, thus it is hard for me to know what is chowing down. I will take pictures and maybe you, or somebody will be able to get an idea of what might be eating it.

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