Something dark and wicked this way comes....

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  1. ...all hell is breaking lose in the hood. We got this storm rolling through, check it out. The 1st picture is just to give you an idea of the brightness that is usually presents. Then we got this monster of a storm rolling in. I mean sand, trash, a chihuahua, leaves all flying through the air...

    Black people (not meaning to be racist, some of these are my friends, its just funny) screaming and running inside. My motorcycle almost got blown over and its a heavy fuckin bike.

    Crazy...I ain't got no green, but im about to smoke some hash and keif and watch this fucker...

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  2. Hope all goes well! Regardless, just enjoy the ride, cause it's all you can do..
  3. dude what? you're gonna die bro get on your bike and ride RIDE AS HARD AS YOU CAN!

    catch rain water in bong
    smoke herb through the waters from above
  4. Make sure you have back up light. Or else you will be left in the dark... stoned. Not cool.
  5. Something wicked this way comes was an awesome movie when I was a kid felt like throwing that out there.
  6. ^Agreed, just smoke your concentrates and enjoy the storm. It's the only plausible thing to do
  7. Rain bong! Now with 100% more carbonic acid!!!
  8. I wouldn't trust rain from this hell storm
  9. damn
    shit looks scary
  10. No replies from OP... You ok bud? Hope she turned out badass with no damage!
  11. No damage here in my project, but alot of trash, trees and pieces of trees and stuff everywhere. One cool find is I found a flag/banner that my city has hanging up on all the streetlights. I was gonna take it to city hall but everyone tells me to keep it.

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  12. Nice my man! Glad to hear it went ok. I worry for us with all the crazy shitstorms goin on, ya know?

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