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  1. So I live in a condo building with a doorman who receives our packages and is then supposed to drop them off at our units. I am so anxious right now because even though MY name and unit were printed on the package (which was seeds from herbies labeled og kush and Girl Scout cookies) he delivered it to the wrong fucking unit!!! And when I got my package finally there was a rip in the side where someone clearly could have taken out the little case. This wasn't shipped stealthy what so ever and I paid extra for stealth shipping. The person who may have seen the seeds is my friends mom though and I don't she would even know what it was but it looked super sketchy. I know it is illegal for someone else to open your mail and if my piece of shit doorman opened it, I'm going to get him fired. So much for stealth shipping because this could have ruined my entire plan. I have already invested so much time and effort into my set up and now this shit happens!
  2. Would people who dont do weed know what og kush and girl-scout cookies are? genuine question

    Im big in to my chilies, and particularity for the super-hot end of things, theres a big community of people who swap seeds through the post (as well as seed banks that sell). Of the little plastic bags containing a single seed with a funny name writen on it Id say im about 50/50 for weed and chilies... Id put money on most my friends mothers not knowing by name which is which and I could probably convince them they were all super-hots.

    Maybe its time to start acting like your getting into that scene and work in some references to the OG x Reaper crosses and the girl-scout habanero?
  3. I'm really glad you posted this. I was struggling to come up with something to pawn it off on. I'm depressed about the whole thing really I mean how could my doorman fuck up so bad
  4. I say if you have a patio with sun, start growing some real chilies on it. Pawn it off as chilies, be able to show them real chilies. Learn to grow chilies haha.

    Best of luck though

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  5. Maybe your doorman was high as Fuck?
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