Something awesome and terrible just happened to me

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  1. Short backstory: My parents work in Brazil, I'm here for Christmas break, I live in the US. I don't know a lick of Portuguese besides some small things to get me by.

    It's pouring outside so I decide to swim laps in the indoor lap pool at the bottom of my parents building. Some people chill in there when it's raining, it has a cool glass roof so it's nice. Anyway, I'm walking up to the building and I see two early twenty something year old girls at one end of the pool. I try to keep my cool but before I even get in I'm already losing it because these chicks are cute as hell and I don't know anything besides fucking 'Hello' haha.

    So I walk in and BAM. One of these chicks has her top off. I'm dumbfounded, straight up try to keep it cool but it's more of a WHAAAA smile than a hello smile. The other chick is like shoving the one without a top on, they're straight up playing around and this chick's nips are flying everywhere. They see me and start laughing and the one chick starts pushing on the other chicks boobs, they obviously know what they're doing, I thought. I still don't know what to do, so I swim a lap down toward their end and take off my goggles. I say Oi! (hello) and they say it back. I'm just staring this chicks tits down, wow what the hell. They start giggling and slinging out Portugese that I can't understand at all. Sadly, I laughed and said "No follow Portuguese, escupa (idk if that's how you spell it, it means sorry). They say "Awww, escupa," back to me, chick puts her top on, and gets out of the pool. They both leave, giggling and talking in Portugese.

    That was awesome, but I feel like it could have been even more awesome. My main concern is...

    Why the hell didn't I buy Rossetta Stone before coming to this beautiful place?!

  2. That'd be cool if it actually happened.
  3. Buy rosetta stone? Just torrent it
  4. Buy, torrent, whatever you get what I mean. And it was cool :cool:
  5. You have just inspired me to learn portuguese.
  6. Damn I'm happy you weren't eating steak, because you choked!!!!

  7. I know. :( hence the awesome and terrible hahaha
  8. Whip your dick out. Thats a universal language
  9. I don't know how things are in Brazil, but if one girl is rubbing the other girls tits right in front of you..

    Can anyone say threesome in Portuguese?
  10. Grab their crotches next time. Universal sign of a good time
  11. I think they were just fucking with me to be honest, I don't look like I'm anywhere from South America and I've been fucked with already down here for being a blonde white boy. But damn I wish I did know how to say threesome, you right about that....
  12. should've sucked on dem titties

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