Something active to do?

Discussion in 'General' started by lostinnowhere, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. I need something active to do! I feel like a bum! all i do is sit, read and garden!! thats not bad but i feel so lazy sometimes.
    I want something fun and enjoyable to do but im not sure what activity i should take up. I used to run a lot but my treadmill broke and i dont know where I would run outside, plus i dont enjoy running until im actually DONE running. I play soccer but it's more of a team sport and I need something i dont have to be with someone else to do.
    Anyone have ideas?
  2. smoke a blunt while you take a walk and smell the flowers.

    i just started doing that. its great exercise and you get to explore your neighborhood. :)

    im gonna try to go for a walk everyday at 6PMish.
  3. get into longboarding, if you fully get into it you can be occupied for years with all the different styles and disciplines such as speedboarding, sliding, tech, board walking, slalom, carving, or just free ride. Real fun stuff, sober or high.
  4. if you live by a lake go fishing. its fun while blazin or even not blazin its just chill
  5. Yoga, Bicycle. Is it exercise specifically? If not; painting, I don't know you come off as artsy.

  6. I was going to suggest this. :) Lots of fun.
  7. Yeah, sober and stoned, I usually play soccer, ride bikes, little basketball, skateboarding, hikes just get outside, travel to some place you know? It's nice being out in the neighborhood you can meet some nice people
  8. yea once i get my bike back form my buddy i think ill do that. and HA! you are correct i do draw a lot, but that doesnt help my muscles much :/ But i do love bicycling

    Hmmm Ive never heard of that I'll have to look it up cause im confused!
  9. do you ever juggle the ball around? when im bored i go out and juggle in the back yard sometimes.
  10. I'm fucking high as shit and my exercise has been in the form of chasing a groundhog around for most of the day. Everytime he comes out of his hole I chase him back into it.

    Haha, I'm sorry, but it's just so much fun. That fucking bastard is ruining our yard. :D

    It's also rather amusing to someone who is easily amused.

    I like hiking and taking pictures! It's so cool the things you can find out there in mother nature! Canoe trips are fun too, but your arms get tired as shit if you are a pussy like me.
  11. Rollerblading is always nice.. I wish I had a pair..
  12. Ha yea i might be doing that weekend after next for my camping trip. i enjoy it a lot, but you have to travel a while to find a place you can around here

    Im quite a bad juggler but i shall practice today!

  13. Damn I haven't rollerbladed in years. It was pretty fun way back when. I may just go out and grab a pair....
  14. I feel the same way ..

    I'm actually gonna learn a new language..
    Just to do it.. anyone wanna tell me which one to learn??

    You might wanna try that..
  15. It's whatever you prefer.

    For me, everyday of the week I'm either at the gym working out or playing basketball. Just two things that never bore me and always something I want to do.
  16. I actually played basketball with my 5 year old sister yesterday! didnt get much of a sweat goin tho considering she is only 5. than i got the soccer ball out to try and juggle but it started storming so i ran around in the rain, than i went inside and did a work out video haha
  17. It's fucking raining today... so my little friend isn't out and I can't chase him back into his hole. I've resorted to dancing in my living room.

    This weekend is hiking and camping.:D

    Good luck with your activities!
  18. Go discing, it's fun as hell
  19. What is that?!?!

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