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  1. my buddy gives me his whole script of 10mg vics every 20days. ive done a goodlist of opiates including: opium/OC/oxycodone(quick release not time release)/codine/demerol/lortab

    for somereason i like vicodin the best. the other night i blew 40mg or oxycodone and was noddin off HARD. but when i take 30-40mg of vic, i get the awesome opiate buzz feeling without the nodding, and it gives me energy to enjoy my buzz.

    i dont know if its just me or what but man ill take vic 10's and feel awesome without the couch lock.

    i dunno maybe its just me
  2. Yep, Hydrocodone is definitly a fun drug.
    I am a fan as well. lol
  3. Everyone is different man. I hate high doses of opiates (call me crazy) but I love a tiny buzz off 15-20mgs. I have no idea what it is I just prefer mild highs with all drugs except weed and benzos haha.
  4. I agree with ^ everyone is different.

    Morphine and codeine feel more like amphetamines to me, and vicodan turns me into the indredible hulk. I gotta eat 100mg+ of hydrocodone if I want to have a good buzz and the its like "HULK SMASH!".

    I prefer demerol/morphine myself.
  5. I love vicodin because it also gives me energy along with the opiate buzz. Great to take before work. Try doing a cold water extraction and then evaporating off all the water. Railing pure hydrocodone powder is bliss:smoke:

    even better if its oxycodone
  6. Oxycodone can give you even better energy. Dont snort it and take a smaller dose.

    Eat the right dose by mouth and you will be cleaning your house in a euphoric daze.

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