Something a bit troubling

Discussion in 'General' started by thatcrazydude, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. last night i turned on the radio in the car and the song rockstar by nickelback was good, not particularlly a good song but i was to lazy to change the station, then something caught my ear, everytime they said the word drugs in the song it was edited out, and that made me exclaim, what the fuck. since when do they need to censor the word drugs that shits all sorts of fucked up.

    though i have 2 theorys on this matter
    1. the radio station is trying to be all clean and family oriented and that kinda shit
    2. the government is realizing how mainstream weed, and drugs are getting and they dont like it, and want to stop it

    this seems to mildly conincide with those storys of people getting carded like crazy when they went to see pineapple exspress....maybe
  2. It's Nickelback

    The more of their songs the station censors, the better

  3. I completely Agree:D
  4. hahaha yea thats true, but think of all tthe other good music that could take blows like that

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