Someone's lurking again!!

Discussion in 'General' started by cowboysaxman, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. I "see" ya out there , come on in!!! post something! :wave:
  2. Still There!!! pm me or something!! :smoke:
  3. it wasn't me! but hello cowboysaxman
    (((hugs))) to you n poohgator :)
  4. lol, HUGS back to you and phishhead!!

    And their out there lurking again,....enter oh silent surfer!! Lmao!! :smoking:
  5. Come on, don't be a'scaird!!
  6. lol. I wish I knew what you are talking about.
  7. They're back!!
  8. there scared. and they dont like us.

  9. you are really gone you got to cut back.
  10. Here lurker, Here lurker, lurker!!! Lmao!!

    High there invisable surfer!! :wave: :smoking: :hippie:
  11. Man.....I'm still really blazed and this post kinda tripped me out. Lol.
  12. Come on, gimme' a hint, who's out there????? lol :wave:

    Gotta find some good bait for "lurkers" Lmao!! :smoking:
  13. Man this thread just keeps getting weirder and weirder.
  14. Back Again!!! :wave:
  15. Nope, just bored and playin' with those that lurk!! lol

    The "voices" told me not to go to work today, they said to stay home and clean the guns!! :smoking:
  16. Geebus!!! There's a bunch of 'em out there!! Sure hope it's not contagious!!! LOL :smoking:
    Come on and talk to the ole' cowboy!! :wave:
  17. ROTFLMFAO!!!!! :smoking:

  18. LOL thats good

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