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Someone whos been smoking for years want to answer a quick question?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xfade49, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Okay well it really doesnt matter how long youve been smoking any advice is good to me. well anyways ive been smoking for 4 years now and mersh just really really sucks, i love headies but i cant figure how to make it last more then one sitting.

    mersh - 10$/1.7 - 20$/3.5 - 35$/7.0 - 65$/14.0

    headies - 15$/.8 - 20$/1.2 - 35$/2.0 - 55$/3.5

    now i can get fair mersh, and killer headies i ussally spend 35$ a week on bud average?
  2. Weed is so good just like a cheesburger. not like your gunna eat 3 bites and wrap it up for later...So what you gotta do is cut up the cheesburger into slices and put them aside. Say i will eat this piece now and another later and another tommorow....
  3. Something a stoner can understand man +Rep lol.:smoke:
  4. It's all about networking for prices, in California I get ounces now for 50/100$ for the headiest of headies from the growers. Started off getting ounces for like 300$. Just network, network, network. Work your way up the chain to get to the growers, once you do weed becomes no problems, and the price drops SIGNIFICANTLY.

    To save headies, BUY A VAPORIZER!!!! Seriously, buy a Magic Flight Launch Box, an eighth of headies will last you two weeks smoking everynight personally. That or a real nice bong that you can smoke like .4 a day out of to knock you on your ass.
  5. you need to get the weed where u get to high to even smoke more. I get dank smoke two bowls out of my Da Buddha Vap and i am good for awwwwhhhiiillleee
  6. A couple quick questions: Is mersh the same thing as schwag/ditch weed etc.

    Where are you from? Just curious... never heard of mersh before.
  7. im from mass and yea mersh is like that but then theres the scwag mersh or the nice-highmids mersh and i know what you mean with the connections thing im going to be networking alot more, and california... lucky i heard you guys are voting in november to leagalize ? :hello::smoke::D

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