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    So I ordered a New Ice Bong today from Grasscity, obviously but I have a few questions on this type, if people think its a good choice, take a look at it and let me know, also how long does it usually take for bongs to ship to the Eastern US, with the standard shipping, it was ordered today but says it will order tomorrow so you think I'll get it by next friday ready for saturday? 
    Link to It:

  2. It seems like a cool little bong to have for the price. I wouldn't mind having it my self as something to take to parties or out with friends.
    Although you won't be seeing that bong at your doorstep for about two weeks unless of course that bong is shipping from the Americas which I doubt it is. My bong from Amsterdam that I ordered from grasscity took about two weeks to get to me. May as well smoke up while you wait. The wait will be worth it.
  3. Thanks man! Just didnt know because this is the first time ordering from these guys, surprised anyone answered me haha
  4. Haha this is the thread part of grasscity so someone's bound to answer you :p also i'll point out that some of the reviews mentioned a "wait" so that might happen to you, maybe because of the size of the bong? Aaannd because of it's 14mm bowl that bong might be a bit 'draggy'
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  6. Grass city is based in Norway so if you ordered from them be prepared for it to take at least two weeks to get to you with standard shipping now

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