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Someone who knows what they are talking about please help me with a ? about Tbreaks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Slipknot22, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. So i used to smoke every day and ive decided its that dreaded time again... a tolerance break:(
    i have done alot of research on the subject and ive realized that after about a month without smoking your tolerance is pretty much back to what it would be if youve never smoked... 30 days seems to be the magic number. I want to go 30 days without smoking but i want to know if this will be less effective or about the same...

    What if i smoke every thursday from now until January 5th, only on thursdays though. and i looked at the calendar and i counted days and excluding every thursday and friday (to give my thc receptors an extra day to recover) thats 30 days away, so really its more im just not counting thursdays and fridays.

    My question is will that be just as effective or am i making a big mistake by doing this because it will raise my tolerance too much?

    Thank you very much for your input
  2. Basically, a T break is something you are doing for yourself. Therefore, customize it to fit your needs. I don't take them because I find nothing wrong with having a j everyday. However, you are basically trying to clean out your system to increase your tolerance. Therefore, smoking once a week probably would be fine since weed (in small, inconsistent doses) leaves the system in roughly 2-5 days. You would probably be completely clean every Thursday and be at a baseline.

    Since you smoke everyday it might be wise to start with an initial 2 week t-break to get you clean. I guarantee I smoke more than the average bear and I was back to a much much lower tolerance when I was forced into a t-break for 2 weeks. 3 weeks might be better if you want to ensure that you're 100% clean.
  3. Alright thanks man i think a 2-3 week tbreaks gunna be my only option then:(
  4. You could of course run in to the problem I am currently having.

    I just dont get blazed, hardly even high.

    I even stopped smoking for a good 4+ weeks, the first smoke sesh I had was great, then the rest just kind of sucked after that.

    my highs dont last anywhere near as long as they once did, I get high for about an hour maybe two if im lucky.

    At this point my T-breaks hardly seem to matter.

  5. Dude that sucks! ive heard of this poroblem before, although usually its when someone takes a 1 week or so break the first few blaze sessions are awesome but they end up sucking again, id say if its not doing anything wait longer and see what happens. Although im mentally addicted as well and i know thats not always an option... i hate tolerance man
  6. yea sure, i a month t break will do the trick, but try a 6 month t break like i did... the first time blazing after that break i took one hit off some medical grade bud from a spoon and i was done for. so ridiculous.
  7. I think its me though, because I smoked some kind of no name chronic, grown hydro, then after that I smoked some chronic that was straight out of BC and it didnt do shit to me.

    Mind that these pick ups were a few weeks apart. Either way they didnt do much to me.

    I just dont see whats changed in the last 2-4 months that would cause this.
  8. Does it really do anything more after a month? I thought thats about the most benifit you can get.
  9. after about a month and a half to two months the physical benefits are to their peek, but the mental part keeps on going. after 6 months of smoking you forget how being high feels and have it set in your head that you are going to get sooooooo high, which after smoking makes you feel more high.
  10. Thats awesome yo, i wish i had the willpower to wait that long:(

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