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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by StrangestSmoker, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself.

    I've always been curious about what it takes to grow so I have been lurking around here reading grows. The entire process from seed to harvest just grabs me and has me hooked. I would love to be able to grow but I am way too paranoid to grow where I live currently since I do have two roommates.

    A little background on myself, 25 year old guy who enjoys the relaxation sessions that come from marijuana thanks to working two jobs. Automotive gearhead who wants to put the power of the Tardis into my car.
  2. Well you've come to the right place.
    There's many grow sections and journals for you to go through, and plenty of helpful blades (grasscity members are referred to as blades) to guide you.
    I tried growing long ago and actually focused mostly on the cure, which I found most important, but now having 2 jobs I have zero time to grow.
  3. Growing requires several things. A passion for nature and plants. The ability to be a self starter. The drive to want to learn and get better. Time and patience. And perseverance. Oh yea...and and electric bills don't come cheap!
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  4. I've been doing some reading on the forums. It seems like it is more than I can handle with my limited knowledge at the moment but I say within another 6 months of steady research I should be good to give it a shot. My biggest issue so far has been locating seeds. I don't want to order some expensive seeds online for my first grow only to fail. I would really like to have two or three bag seed grows under my belt before I go and order something from a seed bank. I have a hard time finding any seeds from the stuff I get from my guy and I really don't want to go through someone else at the moment, just those trust issues.
  5. Good day buddy, i would soak up as much information in the absolute beginners section and grow journals. You can definitely find whatever information and help you need with a simple search. i live north and recommend The Vault they really have their shit together and ship worldwide with great prices. also Vancouver seed bank (JOTI strains) indoor mix is cheap.
  6. Thanks a lot for the tip on going with the Vault.

    I've started gathering supplies. Right now, I am looking at converting a bookshelf into a cabinet for a CFL grow to begin. I have been spending plenty of time researching carbon filters, that is going to be my next step in learning. I am sure I am going to have to hide all that smell once I start.
  7. Oh yes the smell. I'll just go ahead and say you won't hide it unless you have a good filter and its vented right outside. If you get a vortex fan just be aware that they make the sound of a hurricane. 4" duct fans work but don't produce the pressure to suck air through a filter. If you can just use a duct fan routed outside without a filter

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