Someone went to my moms house looking for me

Discussion in 'General' started by MariaJuana92, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. It's freaking me out.
    Who would think I still live at my moms?
    My mom said, "Goatee, sunglasses, hoodie, bad teeth."
    Then she goes on to say, "Oh, well he looked like your ex. But I don't think it was."

    I asked everyone that could fit that description, nope.
    And it would be someone who doesn't have my new number.
    I am desperate to figure this out.
    What if it was him?
    What would he want?
  2. So what if it was him? You still got some unresolved feelings/issues with him or something?

    How are strangers that don't know you, or who knocked on your moms door know anything about this situation? For all we know it could have been the kid who admired you from afar in high school and has never been a big part of your life and is trying to make some old connections. This person could be pretty much anyone that isn't aware that you no longer live with your mom.

    If you think it's even remotely necessary to figure out who it was you could contact your ex and see if he stopped by. But you just have to ask yourself if this is even worth trying to contact your ex over?

    Personally it sounds like something that isn't worth digging into considering this person didn't leave their name or anything with your mom. If it was important they would have at least said something along the lines of "Do you mind telling your daughter so-and-so stopped by, I'd really like to contact her again"
  3. maybe he saw your thread on here about your current bf whining and he wanted to come make it right. not like u keep your identity hidden
  4. sounds like the unibomber LOL
  5. the feds... they're coming for you...

  6. It's just bugging me. Whoever it is said that he'd get ahold of me. but nobody has reconnected with me.

    If it was my ex, then I just wonder what he wanted. I am not going to lie, I do have unresolved feelings and issues. But if it never comes up again, I'll just keep doing what I am doing. Moving on, burying the past. I've got a new man anyways, so I am not interested in reconnecting anything. But we were always great friends even when we weren't dating, so I wouldn't mind just hearing from him, finding out what he's up to, etc. And if it is someone from high school, they should really hit me up on facebook. Whoever it is, cared enough to try and stop by to see me. So they should follow up!

  7. other than my picture
    which looks nothing like i used to
    my identity isn't exactly obvious
    i don't even have my name on here

  8. I knew I shouldn't have killed those people
  9. In hindsight, you probably shouldn't have mentioned it on the internet either.

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