Someone wanna tell me WTF is up with me? (medical)

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  1. Please no smart ass shit, every now and then, more often now (I've been experimenting with more "things" lately, but I don't think that's it) I take a piss, leave the bathroom and then immediatly have the urge to go again but when I try, nothing happens, and it keeps me up all night :( anyone have incite? Please be mature about this
  2. Maybe you have a prostate problem, enlarged prostates is very common among males (sorry for assuming you're a guy, but... you are, right?). I'm not too familiar with the condition but the enlarged prostate pinches the urinary tract causing backup, maybe stopping all together. When you piss sometimes, does it just drip out like a leaky faucet or can you feel the piss pressure but nothings coming out?

    Also, wrong section???
  3. Using any opies recently?
  4. I've had this happen to me a few times, usually on opiates or a lot of benzos and sometimes uppers too. There's nothing medically wrong with me (as of my last physicals and hospital visits) and it's not that bad when you learn to "hold it" and it you just forget about it.

    It wouldn't hurt to get yourself checked out but I personally don't think it's medically serious.
  5. doctor, yes.

    Internet, no.

    Respect your dick dude. And itll do so much for you in return
  6. Like I said in a previous thread I took12 mg of oxycodene 2 days ago, but ( I'm embarresed to say :(. ) I have some thing called a verecoceal or haweve you spell that it's where your testicle has an enlarged vein in it ( no negative side affects but maybe that's it?)
  7. If you already have dick problems, why the fuck are you still on the internet and not making a doctor's appointment?

    Seriously though, treat your dick well and always wear a rubber.
  8. As far as mr doctors concerned it should not affect me at all, besides one sides a little bigger ( not my cock) so idfk, and I'm not at the doctors cuz it's 2:00 am were I am lol
  9. I didn't mean literally right now lol..

    Just make sure you get yourself an appointment if you're really worried or it doesn't go away.
  10. While on oxycodone you tend not to be able to pee or ejaculate. You're gonna have to piss the days after alot, because of the built up piss in your bladder.
  11. Well that time a couple days ago was the 2nd time I had used opiates and this had happened many times before! Soooooo tommorow, it's off tothe doctors yayyyyyyyy!
  12. This happene to me occasionally in the morning awhile back. I'd piss, but it still felt like I had to piss real bad and i'd try but only a squirt would come out. It went away after a lil while though and it wasn't a regular thing.
  13. heroin & other strong(er) opiates tend to make me do that...if i can even piss at all...half the time it's just a couple drops and i can feel that my bladder should be in pain but i was just too strung out or high to care or do anything
  14. Drop a deuce that helps me when this happens to me.
  15. This guy is right. You have a prostate problem.
  16. mabye diabetes? or a prostate problem?
  17. you should get your kidneys checked out
  18. Don't be worried man, this shit happens to me too. But it is only when and after i'm on LSD/MDMA.. I'll take a regular piss and at the end when you kinda have to push to pee, pee gets stuck in your dick. As soon as I sit down after peeing i feel like i'm pissing myself and have to hold my bladder and its extremely uncomfortable? If this is what you're talking about then it should go away within a week.. Drink alot of water to flush your system too.
  19. I tried them yellow guns before, they were really weak. Where is that one from, BC?
  20. This happened to me a few nights ago, but that was after speedballing with adderall and oxy that day. And it hasn't happened to me since I haven't done either one of those drugs.

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