someone tried to stab be saturday night

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    saturday night saw me and 2 friends chillin at my house. my one friend is straight edge as all hell, and the other had to drive, so wasnt drinking, but ill be damned if that was keeping me from getting hammered. i was an approximate 17 or 18 beers in at this point when for whatever reason we decide to go to the wendy's parking lot right by my job.

    for whatever reason, this is a spot people like to gather in my town, and i see one of my friends from work whos been out with a broken ankle sitting in a car with his friend, and i walk over to say hi. we start talkin, and there was another kid a few feet away smokin a cigarette. now ive quit smoking, but when im drunk sometimes i feel the overwhelming need for a boge, so i ask the kid for one, and he kindly agrees. the friends i came with said they were going across the street for some chineese food and said they would return shortly.

    now at this point i was so drunk that summersaults on the pavement seemed like a good idea, and i was asking the same question 4 times even though its been answered, and i was droppin shit, i dropped the kids lighter by accident, and i guess he thought i threw it or something to be a dick, so he gets in my face, yelling at me to pick it the fuck up.

    i told him if he was gonna be a dick about it he can pick up his own damn lighter, and thats when he lifts up his shirt and starts to unsheath a knife that he had tucked in the front of his pants. i saw the blade start to come out, and at this point my martial arts training just took over, and before he even had the knife out i had my foot buried in his testicles.

    the kid yells, "how the hell are u gonna kick a guy in the dick?" gets in his friends care, and leaves in a hurry. i call my friend tell him to get the fuck over here and we dip back to my house.

    im honestly shocked i had the reflexes and dexterity to land that shot as shit housed as i was. it was one of those nights where u wake up in bed without remembering getting there in the first place. i dont know weather he was really gonna try to stab me or was just tryin to play mr tough guy because of how noticeably intoxicated i was, but once i saw the blade all bets were off.

    i may even see the kid again, because its a hang out spot and in the same complex as my job.
  2. Hahahahah! Nice, right in the nut sack. I'd do the same if someone drew a knife of me
  3. theres a reason that the nut shot is a staple of krav maga. very nice to know that my training is paying off.
  4. Martial arts training... nut sack shot. ahaha nice. Defense mechanism activated.
  5. this story made my day haha.
  6. Would you happen to live in the 908 area? I used to game with a dude that used your username in that area.
  7. nope, 973
  8. I never really understood training for Krav Manga.

    Unless you're planning on going into battle or just want to murder a bunch of people, it seems so impractical.
  9. I was under the impression that people trained in Krav Maga BECAUSE it was so practical.. Someone else clear this issue up D:
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    It's made soley for defending yourself and keeping safe through any means. It was literally created to defend jewish people from anti-semites and facists.

    The goal is to attack fast and barrage them with much aggression.
  11. as far as I know Krav Maga is to incapacitate the opponent as quickly as possible correct? Thats why people train in it and why it's so vicious, you want to end the fight as fast as possible.

    Anyways good story man, I would have done the same. Or more likely I would have just run away haha, I'm not a fan of fighting people with weapons...
  12. impractical until u have to defend yourself against a knife attack when ur drunk. its about maximum damage in a minimum amount of time. launching multiple attacks to vulnerable areas of the body simultaniously or in quick succession. blocking as you strike. all that jazz
  13. I was under the impression that it was more defense oriented. I know it can be vicious, but quickly ending fights or finding ways out of them seems rather practical to me.
  14. hahaha that's funny as hell! right in the nuts.. nice one
  15. nut bueno but you had to do what you had to do...
  16. If you do see him again don't ask to borrow his lighter. Actually, if you do see him again I recommend another swift kick to the nut sack because he will probably still be a proud knife owner and quite angry with you
  17. I don't care who you are, kicking a guy in the nuts is a fucking bitch move. If you hit guys in the nuts, fuck you.
  18. I was never trained in my martial arts class to kick people in the nuts, but good thinking.

  19. impractical?

    It's impractical for a school yard fight in the terms that you will murder the kid you're fighting if you're a master of the art. But it's VERY practical in the sense that if someone pulls a weapon on you in the street, such as this case. Martial arts are a wonderful tool.
  20. Ya! Cause we all know it is better to be stabbed than kick someone in the nuts. :rolleyes::rolleyes: :smoke:

    Good job OP.

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