Someone should make a Wikipedia page for Grasscity

Discussion in 'General' started by high as hell, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Because it definitely deserves a page, I\'m actually surprised no one already created one.
  2. I don\'t really know what we would put on it.
  3. Haha yeah

    There\'s not a ton of trivia about this place
  4. What would it say?

    \"GrassCity is a large retailer of smoking devices and accessories based in the Netherlands.

    It also hosts a forum on drug discussion.\"
  5. GrassCity: Where the stoned gather
  6. just put a page for Grasscity as the title, an the for all the content just put, \"uhhh wait what?\"
  7. Well you could make a page about the history of grasscity and whatnot. Like how superjoint started it and how it became successful and shit like that.
  8. Put a very discreet, \"normal\" page up to begin with. Then, in one fell swoop, make a bunch of bizarre changes. I doubt that anyone will be paying attention.
  9. hmmm.....Overgrow has a wikipedia page, but not not sayin im just sayin....
  10. i think its a great idea. its not like there isnt a page for cannibus or marijuana.
  11. your username is my response....your high as hell
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