Someone said they could help me, but they want the raw tracks to my song. WTF???

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  1. I agree with most of what you say it this case, but definitely not the bolded. Why can't I mix and master my own work? That's the most fun part! As long as I take breaks for my ears to rest, it's fine. I don't know why I couldn't mix and master my own shit. [​IMG]

    And what do you mean by paying dues?
  2. Yeah fuck this guy... Just tell him to fuck off.
  3. As RC Flyer said, make sure you have proof that it's your material. I'd also look into his radio station and see if it seems legit. If it doesn't look sketchy, go for it. Maybe he wants it to have a better quality before he airs it?
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    From him (today):

    A message he sent to me 3 days ago:

    ????? :confused: Am *I* crazy or did he just contradict himself? And does the first paragraph of his even make sense?
  5. I hear the "Poor man's copyright" doesn't cut it. :( I always thought it did.

    But hey. It only costs $35 USD to copyright it the real way.

  6. You can mix but not master your own work.
    Mastering is a process of having someone with more experience, and another set of ears on the mix, mastering is done in a room with $100,000 + speakers, it's way more refined.
  7. Yes - Mastering I agree with. I just do a quick master with a very good waves plugin and another plugin. But that's not a real master.

    Mastering is no fucking joke from what I hear. It's like something where after even 20 years of doing it, you still have a ways to go...
  8. he shouldnt need the raw tracks for the remix.
    I had someone remix my song, and all they wanted was the best audio file type for it. Not anything like the raws.

    You might just tell him you don't have them so he would be forced to use the original song
  9. He doesn't want to do that kind of re-mix (not the one where a song is chopped up and rearranged).

    He wants to re-mix my TRACKS, meaning he wants to change levels, add/remove effects, change panning, etc. With the raw track file (.OMF) he (or anyone) could literally make it into another song. It's the blueprints AND the material to build the house, and he wants it. Read the e-mail I posted a few posts ago.

    The re-mixing you're talking about can be done with an MP3 or a WAV. You're just taking parts from the song and doing whatever with them. That's something else.
  10. Guys: I put this in the OP as an edit:

    I take back everything I said about the guy. He's legit. I talked to him on the phone and checked his sites and he's indeed credible.

    He just wants to help/mentor me. It would be a mutual things. He helps me by re-mixing (he has experience and he's 49 - his voice on the phone confirms he's older and knows what he's talking about".

    I never called another country before. He's in Canada. That was fucking awesome. He knows A LOT about mixing - knew what plugins I was using and... just wow.

    I'm going to do it. I'm going to give him the raw tracks.

    Now, I still agree with everyone who said NOT to do it because they were right, but I asked for him phone number and talked to him and got a feel for him and he genuinely knows his shit and wants to help. I for one believe HIM.

    But other people won't have as good intentions. Gotta watch out.

    Thanks you GC for the advice. I learned a lot in this thread alone...

  11. If you feel comfy with him... great! go for it !

    I personally wouldn't do it

    its not hard to be deceptive online ( as many have proved ) and on the phone
  12. The raw files have been sent.

    Why don't you join me, GC, and let's sit back and watch this unfold. Let's see how much better he can make my song sound. I have a feeling it's going to sound awesome.

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