Someone said they could help me, but they want the raw tracks to my song. WTF???

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    EDIT: I take back everything I said about the guy. He's legit. I talked to him on the phone and checked his sites and he's indeed credible.

    Dudes, I have this guy on another forum telling me he's opening an internet radio station in Canada and he would be interested in playing my song. But some things don't sound right:

    He offered to REMIX (as in mixing the song and EQ'ing it again) - FOR FREE.


    But he wants the raw tracks. Am I right in thinking that this dude is totally going to steal my song/music?

    The song is already mixed and mastered! Why would someone want to re-mix it AGAIN for free?

    Shit just doesn't add up. Asking for a stranger for their raw tracks is highly suspect.

    You guys think this guy wants to help me (LOL) or steal my shit???
  2. I wouldn't do it....Sounds like he's giong to take your music....:mad:
  3. Shit man, I wouldn't do it either, sounds sketch as fuck.
  4. don't give him your track ! :smoking:
  5. Oh, I'm not, but I'm just in awe at this guy. He thinks I'm a fucking moron. Here's the email (get this):

  6. you should ask him in a no bullshit manner what his intentions are
  7. Also:


  8. Sounds waaayyy sketchyTell this guy your song already has the sound youre looking for! This is probably some other artist that wants to jack your tunes or something! I know lots of people doin this shit and even scamming famous signed artists for beats! They made a whole youtube video callin this dude out hahah
  9. i agree sounds sketchy to me.
    I wouldn't send him jackshit !
  10. Intriguing...

    Thanks. Guys. Thanks Kush. :)
  11. Fax a contract to him I have a perfect business contract on my hard drive if you're interested.
  12. I'll fax him an image of my ass cheeks. J/K.

    But no thanks. I'm just going to ignore this guy and expect more like him.

    I mean, wouldn't you be offended if someone asked for your raw tracks? Get the fuck out of here! I took offense to that, haha.

    But hold onto that contract. You never know who might need it.

    Thanks again for your help (OK, I'll spell it right this time), Mistah Wondeful!

  13. There is no need to track out your song for him.

    He is most likely looking to take a riff from it or something. Sounds SUPER sketchy.

    Honestly, like what the fuck, doing it for FREE?

    that's unheard of.

    Honestly, OP, you should put this guy on blast, call up his radio station as a caller and when they screen you act like you're their for whatever they're talking about and when they put you on air just go off on him.

    Be heard, publicly put this guy on the spot and call him out and demand an explanation. This sounds way too fishy.

  14. Your Welcome :) :bongin:

  15. Why don't let him give a go at the mix?
    You can't mix and master your own work...
    What do you have to lose?
    It's obvious he can't duplicate your style.
    It's on Sound Cloud it's copyrighted, if it was to ever get to that level, which it won't, you could prove it in court.
    Rock band stems are different than rap, what's the worse he could do? Seriously I think you are making a big mistake...
    But hey do it your way.

    There's this thing in the music industry called paying dues, get ready...
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    Why not?

    BTW, OP, If I were you I would send him the vocal tracks and maybe the guitar tracks with whatever reverb and compression you already have on them. Tell him that your vocal tracks were tracked that way (effects during recording). This way, if you have to prove that you were the person who produced the work you can easily supply the raw tracks without any effects.

    Seems fool proof to me. But honestly I probably wouldn't deal with him anyways.

  17. yeah everyone has to pay their dues however I wouldn't do it ! its not worth the bullshit
  18. Before you do anything protect your work. This is called a poor mans copy-write. Send your self a copy registered mail and don't open it. If it ever comes into question who owns the work you have proof you had it on this date.
  19. Exactly as RC Flyer said, it's not so much a matter of him stealing your work, it's making sure you protect yourself 100% before actually giving anyone the opportunity to steal it.

    This way it could be legit, you could make some money and begin to get your name out there, and if it doesn't work, you have viable evidence against him and can gain money through some type of lawsuit if he doesn't settle.

    Seems more like a win win for you, but that's just my 2's all about how you carry yourself with this one. Life's about risks, but risks can always be controlled to some extent.

    Take it as you want....
  20. Ask what radio station and does he have any contact info other than email. Also tell him he doesn't need to "remix it" and just send him a mp3.

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